Shared faith leads to Amelia and Conor’s classic traditional wedding

Wedding: 03/03/2018

Posted by Roya | 28 July, 2018

Shared faith led Conor to meet Amelia at her church in Western Australia, shortly after moving there from his home country, Ireland.

After four years of friendship, the pair blossomed into a couple in 2016.

“We were both praying about whether it was God’s will for us to get married. Turns out, it was,” says Amelia, 22.

Shortly before the Masonmills Garden ceremony on March 3, 2018, a blindfolded Conor joined Amelia in prayer.

Then, witnessed by 150 guests, the pair prayed with family members at the altar and later poured unity sand – from Ireland and Australia – into a decorative jar to symbolise their permanent union of marriage before God.

“The most important thing that we both love about each other is our love for God and our desire to serve Him together,” Amelia says.

Amelia and Conor, 25, continued their classic traditional wedding where the pair first met all those years ago – at the Bible Baptist Church.

“Our wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. We were able to share the day with our friends and family while giving God all the glory throughout the day.”

Photos courtesy of Premillume.

Amelia purchased her gorgeous wedding dress from the first boutique she walked into – The Gown Gallery.

Amelia and Conor’s marriage was officiated by a pastor and family friend from another church. The pastor from their own church was honoured as one of Conor’s groomsmen.

The delicate blooms provided by Our Flower Studio went perfectly with the striking claret bridesmaid dresses from The Gown Gallery. 

Amelia and Conor spent their first night as husband and wife at luxury hotel Pan Pacific Perth. 

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Photos courtesy of Premillume.