Movers and shakers: Hayley and Lennox’s elegant country wedding

Wedding: 31/03/2013

Posted by Kellie | 16 October, 2015

Turning around a wedding in under three months a isn’t impossible, just ask Hayley Winks who married her love Lennox Wildman 10 weeks after their engagement.

The couple met when Hayley was sweet 16 and Lennox was 23. But separated by distance, they, now aged 28 and 35 respectively, spent the first few years of their budding relationship apart. “I was in Brisbane completing Year 12 and Lennox was an apprentice carpenter in St. George,” explains Hayley. “We developed a very close bond through a few things we went through and understood each other and I knew it was going to last.”

Lennox planned quite the proposal while on holiday in Kununurra, Western Australia – one Hayley says any girl would happily wait 10 years for! They took a helicopter flight over the Kimberley and stopped for a swim at a natural spring. After he asked ‘will you?’ and she said ‘yes’, they were treated by the pilot! “The bubbles were popped and the pilot cooked us a champagne breakfast while we swam in the natural spring below the waterfall,” says Hayley.

On return home this bride-to-be was in full planning mode, locking in Maleny Manor for 10 weeks down the track due to a cancellation. “On return, I had appointments with venues, dress makers and others booked and ready,” says Hayley who credited her mum for helping her get the ball rolling.

The pair married in an elegant country wedding on March 31, 2013 with just over 110 guests by their side.

Photos courtesy of Chris Hall Photography.

Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_006 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_001

Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_007 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_010


Mondo Floral Designs worked their magic on these luxurious, classic bouquets.





Hayley said her dress-maker almost “fell over” when she announced her wedding was 10 weeks away, but Darb Bridal Couture pulled through.


Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_014 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_015

Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_016 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_017PHayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_024

Weddings with Kristy married the happy couple.

Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_019 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_020



Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_023 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_024


 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_004 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_003

Hayley’s mum, of Cake Passion, created the amazing four-tiered wedding cake. “She hired a car from Melbourne to drive up with all the cakes on board,” says Hayley.

Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_003 Hayley_Lennox_Elegant-Country-Wedding_SBS_005





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