Love worth the wait: Jenni and Travis’ country vintage wedding

Wedding: 23/04/2016

Posted by Olivia | 1 September, 2016

It only took ten years for groom Travis Riordan to propose to his long-time love, Jennifer Lawford.

The long-awaited proposal was perfectly planned by the cheeky groom, who set the scene with a picnic at the top of a beautiful lookout in their home town of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. But Jenni got a huge surprise when she opened the ring box to find it only contained a note saying ‘fooled you’! “He thought he was quite the trickster,” laughs Jenni. It wasn’t long until she discovered an engagement ring – frozen inside an ice-cube in a glass of Champagne.

Jenni and Travis, both 32, built their dream home, travelled and enjoyed life before starting a family, and marrying on April 23, 2016. The country vintage wedding was an intimate affair with 60 guests, held at the picturesque Lawford’s Orchard – Jenni’s parents’ property where she grew up. The property gave the day a rustic country feel, as guests mingled amongst tables made from old beer kegs, decorative wagon wheels and stunning bouquets in vases upon old tree stumps. Come nightfall, fairy lights glistened above an open-air dance floor, where guests danced to a local solo band.

For Travis, this day meant that he could finally drive the dazzling bright blue 1957 Chevy Bel Air he had spent six years restoring! But ultimately, it was having their two young children attend that made their day so special.

“We had our kids as part of our wedding which we absolutely loved and will be able to look back on through our wedding photos for years to come,” smiles the bride.

Photos courtesy of Njoy the Moment.




Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_016 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_019



Swans Lane styled the grounds immaculately with loads of vintage country pieces to complement the theme.

Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_003 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_007
Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_005 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_004
Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_013 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_015



The 1957 Chevy Bel Air that Travis spent six years restoring. “After many long nights in the shed he got it finished and on the road a week before the big day!” says Jenni.



Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_025 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_034



Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_029 0734_2_sbs



“Neither of us are into big crowds and wanted to be able to spend time with all of our guests on the night,” remarks Jenni.


Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_023 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_022






Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_009 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_008
Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_009 Jenni_Travis_Country-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_010



Swans Lane helped us create a photo booth nook in the gardens where we setup a camera on a tripod and our photographer also took many photos of us and our guests there,” describes Jenni.


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