5 times NOT to wear your engagement ring

times to take off your engagement ring

The idea of removing your beloved engagement ring may sting a little but, believe it or not, there are times when wearing your engagement bling is definitely not a good idea. Here are 5 times not to wear your engagement ring.

When you’re working out

don't wear your engagement ring when you're working out

No, it’s not the sweat that’s the worry here, it’s the constant motion and potential for damage. Anyone whose partaken in a bout of Zumba knows the perils of dancing around, arms and legs akimbo – especially if your ring is even slightly loose. The chances of your ring flying off are always there.

But, worse still, is the potential to damage your ring, a distinct possibility if you’re lifting weights, using metal equipment or holding onto bicycle bars against which your ring will rub and, possibly, become tarnished or misshapen.

You could also loosen a stone or two, so, though it may seem impractical if you’re a gym junkie, avoiding wearing your engagement ring during your workouts as this will ensure it stays nice and shiny – and intact – for a lot longer.

Oh, and never wear your engagement ring if you’re a boxer!

When you’re gardening

don't wear your engagement ring when you're gardening

Firstly, who wants their shiny engagement ring covered in dirt, right? But, secondly, if you’re gardening, especially if it involves heavy work such as carting barrels of soil, pulling weeds or digging in clay, you’re almost 100 per cent guaranteed of whacking it and any stones it may contain. If one of the stones falls off while you’re elbow-deep in dirt, the chances of finding it again aren’t huge.

And, even if your stones remain unsullied and intact, the metal will, almost certainly, become a whole lot less shiny over time. If you really don’t want to be too far from it while gardening, wear it on a chain.

Gardening gloves can be quite tough and, over time, may wear down your ring, so you’re much better off just removing your ring before you head into the garden.

When you’re cleaning (or washing the dishes)

don't wear your engagement ring when you're cleaning or washing the dishes

Depending on how thorough a cleaner you are, it’s usually best to avoid wearing your engagement ring when you’re doing household chores or washing the dishes. Aside from the fact that your ring will, inevitably, received plenty of knocks (think whacking it on stone counter-top or banging a stone against a metal dish while washing it), chemicals such as bleach and ammonia can cause serious damage to your ring’s metal mounting, including changing its colour.

When you’re moisturising (or doing your make-up)

Moisturiser is fantastic for your skin – and make-up may make you feel great, but neither is good for your engagement bling. Moisturising with your wedding ring on may cause discolouration of your ring’s metal, but it may also cause a cloudy film to form over your stone/s. Ick! The same goes for when you’re applying make-up – and hair spray. Most cosmetics and, certainly, hair spray contain chemicals capable of discolouring your rings and removing its natural sheen.

When you’re swimming

don't wear your engagement-ring when you're swimming

Be it at the beach or out in the ocean, remove your ring before you go swimming. Why? Because water, especially, cool water, will shrink your fingers, making it easier for your precious engagement ring to simply slip off, never to be seen again. Then there’s the chlorine found in most swimming pools. It can corrode some material and, possibly, turn your ring a whole other colour, including black!

One handy tip when removing your rings, be they engagement rings, wedding rings or both is to always place them in the same spot. If you have one place you always store your ring, it’ll be easier to find them when it’s time to slip that baby back on.

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