From a land down under: Olivia and Tom’s English summer wedding

Wedding: 19/06/2015

Posted by Lucy | 13 November, 2015

Long-distance relationships are a real test for couples – one that Olivia Rolfs and Thomas Parker passed with flying colours.

The pair found one another while 28-year-old Olivia was undertaking a working holiday in London. There she met Tom, a 27-year-old Englishman. “We lived together in London for two years, and I formed a wonderful relationship with his family and friends, before my visa expired and went back Melbourne,” explains Olivia. “We spent the next two years flying back and forth every few months, and although it was extremely hard at times, we maintained a strong, long distance relationship.”

During one of Tom’s adventures to Australia, he asked Olivia’s dad for her hand in marriage and with a nod of approval, they were engaged the following day. The bride’s family flew over to Goldalming, Surry for the English summer wedding. “It was so wonderful for our two extended families to meet, and to be a part of such a special day,” smiles Olivia.

Australian guests were treated to a little surprise at the church ceremony: “We walked out of the church to Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’,” laughs Olivia. They celebrated with a reception at Ramster Hall.

Her advice for brides-to-be? “Take as much time as you need getting down the aisle.”

Photos courtesy of Surrey Lane Photography.

Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_004 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_007
Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_008 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_005



“I was determined to have a Melbourne designer for my dress and fell in love with the designs by Anna Campbell,” says Olivia.

Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_009 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_010
Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_001 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_002
Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_003 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_011


Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_012 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_013


Tom went for traditional tails in navy blue by Ted Baker.

Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_016 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_017




Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_022 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_023





“I always look back on this day and it brings a smile to me face,” says Olivia.

Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_032 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_031




Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_036 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_025

Olivia’s aunty created the English-Australian bunting for the reception.

Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_035 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_026
Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_027 Olivia_Tom_Summer-Wedding_SBS_028


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