Just the two of us: Amy and Eddy’s San Francisco elopement

Wedding: 19/08/2015

Posted by Lucy | 7 October, 2015

Amy Pringle’s decision to pack up her life in Australia and move to the UK turned out to be the best of her life.

While pulling beers in Buckingham, Amy, 31, met Eddy Raymond, 41, and now the couple happily call Queensland’s Gold Coast home.

Marriage had always been on the agenda, but getting the pair’s two families in the same room, let alone the same country, was always going to be an issue.

Instead, Amy and Eddy planned a surprise San Francisco elopement for August 19, 2015. “We agreed to keep it all a secret from our family and friends – we knew it would be more exciting that way,” Amy says.

The couple chose San Francisco City Hall for their elopement and Amy describes it as an experience they will never forget.

“They marry three couples every 30 minutes, six days a week so you can imagine all the brides and grooms lining up waiting for their number to be called,” she says.

The couple spent the afternoon with their photographer capturing gorgeous images around the city. “The rest of our day was then spent drinking martinis at a piano bar overlooking San Francisco as the sun went down – bliss.”

And do they regret being the only two people at their special day? “Not one bit! It was perfect for us. The photos speak for themselves,” Amy says.

Photos courtesy of Ysabella Jones.


Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_003 Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_010




Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_023 Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_021












When it came to her styling for the big day, Amy chose a short and sweet wedding dress.

Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_012 Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_014







Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_008 Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_007



“There are not many couples that elope completely on their own,” Amy says. “Ultimately, that is what a wedding is about – two people in love.”


Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_027 Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_024




Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_032 Amy_Eddy_San-Francisco-Elopement_SBS_033






Amy and Eddy were lucky to have a talented photographer to capture some great images of the pair at various locations across the city.

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