In sickness and in health: Teresa and Tracy’s beach wedding

Wedding: 18/08/2018

Posted by Lucy | 3 November, 2018

Meeting on opposite sides of the rugby field, Teresa and Tracy’s first meeting wasn’t exactly love at first sight.

“But there was a spark,” Teresa, 42, says.

She and Tracy, also 42, met properly through a mutual friend and have now been together for 18 years with two children together.

Teresa says they wanted to keep their beach wedding simple.

“We wanted a beach theme wedding so we used blue and white as our colour theme with sand, shells and star fish in fish bowls for our centrepieces,” she says of August 18, 2018 celebrations.

The long-time couple wed at Point Perry in Coolum in front of 62 of their nearest and dearest.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day – weather, location and running the of events. It is always a risk going with a beach or outside wedding but everything was just perfect,” Teresa says.

But on the way to the reception Teresa began feeling unwell.

“I was sick. We had to change the schedule, we brought everything forward early to do speeches and cut the cake. We had no first dance as I had to leave. Leaving my bride and guests – I was devastated, of all days,” she says.

“Even though I left in the middle of the reception, everyone still had a great time and enjoyed the night, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Photos courtesy of Karley Peters Photography.

Although they call Brisbane home, Tracy hails from the Sunshine Coast and the couple love Coolum, leading to their stunning beach wedding location.

“We were engaged in 2017 and finally married in August 2018,” Teresa says. “We have two beautiful kids, one boy and one girl.”

The couple sourced some of their rings from Michael Hill.

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Photos courtesy of Karley Peters Photography.