Fairy tale wedding shoot with Matilda Park Performance Horses


Posted by Rebecca | 6 September, 2015

Who’s a pretty boy?

Meet George, the champion show horse from Sydney. He was introduced to us by our January 2015 Wedding of the Year winners, Naomi and Ben, who gladly got dolled up in their wedding gear once more for this styled shoot for Matilda Park Performance Horses.

The stunning creature is available for all kinds of film and photography work, including wedding shoots, and according to Naomi, is an absolute pro!

“I’ve never met a more patient and gentle creature,” she says. “He has such an amazing, calm temperament and is suitable for non-riders through to the experienced.”

She adds, “There are so many women in Sydney looking for that fairy tale wedding photo shoot and don’t know where to look.”

George is available for hire from his owner, Ashley Kelly, with the hire fee including horse preparation, travel, insurance and shooting time. Most importantly, Ashley assists the couples and photographer with styling and posing to nail that perfect shot.

Photos courtesy of Allira Fontana Photography and Matilda Park Performance Horses.









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