Better than Bollywood: Chandrika and Arwinder’s royal Hindu wedding

Wedding: 15/03/2019

Posted by Lucy | 31 October, 2019

A grand Melbourne venue fit for a Bollywood princess set the scene for Chandrika and Arwinder’s royal Hindu wedding.

“We both wanted a royal Indian wedding to be created in Melbourne, so we chose Werribee Mansion,” the bride explains.

“I remember visiting the mansion as a child and envisioning that I would get married there.”

Chandrika’s love of all things floral was also incorporated in the day, featuring in both wedding outfits and the ample blooms and greenery adorning the traditional Hindu mandap and the rest of the venue.

“Our venue and outdoor ceremony area were decorated with beautiful pink and white pastels with lots of natural greenery. We married under a big outdoor floral four-poster arch that looked amazing in the gardens of Werribee Mansion,” the bride recalls.

The couple held a lunchtime reception at the mansion’s The Refectory, where the aesthetic was grand, glamourous and effortlessly elegant.

“The overall look and feel of our wedding was a beautiful, modern, Australian-Indian summer wedding,” Chandrika says.

“Our overall vision was to create beautiful memories for us and we wanted the wedding to be a representation of us.”

Photos courtesy of Rolling Canvas.

The couple met when they were both taking a break from their jobs as lawyers. “Within one year we got engaged and married the next year. I think both of us knew, the moment we saw one another that we will end up marrying each other,” Chandrika says.

Arwinder organised a hot air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley to pop the question. “It was the most beautiful proposal a girl could have,” Chandrika says.

“For the reception we both wanted a grand, glamorous, elegant affair. I love anything floral so we had different floral displays throughout each event,” Chandrika says.

The couple followed up their Werribee Mansion wedding with a grand reception at the Luxor Function Centre two days later.

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