A promise and a box of wine: Samuel and Angie celebrate elegant farm wedding

Wedding: 18/04/2019

Posted by Lucy | 5 June, 2019

Photos courtesy of Emma MacAulay Photography

No marriage is smooth sailing, which is why Angie and Samuel planned for any bumps along the way at their elegant farm wedding.

“Our ceremony reflected that as we lit a candle for everyone who couldn’t be with us, personal vows and a box with wine from the year we met nailed shut with letters to each other to be opened on our 10th wedding anniversary – or before if we hit a rocky road,” explains Angie.

The couple, aged 26 and 27, married on April 18, 2019 with 100 guests in Baldivis, Western Australia. “We both were set on an outdoor wedding we began looking with many being quite south of Perth, we came across Baldivis Farm Stay and it was perfect,” the bride explains. “I love vintage boho and our stylist had quite a range of Persian rugs, vintage suitcases, trinkets, macramé and loads more. We brought along Sam’s grandma’s chase and grandpa’s chair as it suited the style and it had a piece of them there.”

The pairs two daughters, Ellenor and Arlah, were included on the day as flowers girls. “My mum jazzed up a plain romper for my youngest daughter,” explains Angie.

Photos courtesy of Emma MacAulay Photography.

“I really wanted emerald green and their bias dress worked for all 4 of my bridesmaids,” says Angie.

“We choose this venue because it was exactly what we wanted the ceremony and reception are held on the same property,” explains the bride.

“Sam and I met back in 2012 a couple of weeks after I had arrived in Australia from the UK and instantly had a strong connection,” says the bride.

“I removed the skirt after the ceremony and put on the detachable sleeves,” Angie says of her gown.

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Photos courtesy of Emma MacAulay Photography.

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