Why this rainforest wedding venue is booked two years ahead

Updated on: September 26, 2022

Weddings are booked up to two years in advance at Cedar Creek Lodges at Thunderbird Park, in the Gold Coast hinterland. Wedding Coordinator Meagan Robertson tells us why the Mount Tamborine venue attracts so many couples.

A couple’s wedding venue is usually the first and most expensive component of their wedding budget, making up almost half of their total wedding spend (43%), the latest Easy Weddings data shows. So getting noticed early is the key to securing those brides and grooms.

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When deciding where to host their big day, our couples say they look for three things:

  1. Style and atmosphere
  2. A price that fits with their budget, and
  3. Exceptional service from the venue manager.

It’s unsurprising that the winning combination is the top priority for Meagan Robertson and her Cedar Creek Lodges team.

Thunderbird Park is in such a gorgeous spot. The outdoor reception venue is flanked by breathtaking rainforest, but it is also covered, protecting guests from any rain – providing the best of both worlds.

Style and atmosphere. Check!

More than three-quarters of couples also book accommodation in addition to the reception venue, so having somewhere to stay on-site as part of the venue offering is a huge drawcard.

“A big selling point and a big success rate for us is that we have everything in the one place,” Meagansays. “We’ve got various wedding venues, offering different styles for different couples.

“We have the accommodation on site, and we have our on-site restaurant and activities as well. Particularly with a lot of guests that are travelling, Cedar Creek Lodge is the one place where they can come and stay for a few days and really get to celebrate.”

The team’s commitment to making the wedding planning process as simple and stress-free as possible is often what makes their decision to book. Cedar Creek offers all-inclusive packages that come with the styling coordination, setup and pack-up, in addition to the celebrant and accommodation – not just the food and beverage.

The venue’s package options are a great starting point, allowing couples to make personalised adjustments as they go, Meagan says. Having everything in one place reduces the running around for clients.

A price that fits with their budget. Check!

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The venue team’s personal connection to the couple’s wedding day sets the tone for the entire client experience, so Meagan’s advice is to go on the journey with the couple.

“It shouldn’t be just another day at work — it’s someone’s wedding day! They’re putting so much energy into it, so we do too.

“It’s not just another business, another sale. This is the biggest day of their life, so show the client that you are fully there with them.  It really helps when you have a team of people who are genuinely interested in the couple and do really care to provide a really incredible day for them.

“From a coordinator perspective, I go about it in a more personal way. You want to make sure that you are genuine, that you’re approachable and that you’re happy to be working with them and creating that perfect day for them. That is super important, because that experience during the process is a preview of what the result will be in the end,” she adds.

Exceptional service from the venue manager. Check!

Other tips for wedding venues

1. Be upfront about minimum numbers

“COVID changed people’s priorities and we have found some clients are looking for smaller guest numbers,” Meagan says.

“I know many venues would have, for example, a minimum of 70 guests, so it’s important to be up-front about that. On the other hand, we cater for more intimate weddings and have a smaller room that accommodates 20 guests nicely, so that’s a selling point.”

2. Provide a top-notch customer experience

“We get a lot of our bookings through word of mouth. Just creating a really seamless experience for the clients does much of the work for you,” Meagan adds.

3. Network with other vendors

Network with other wedding vendors in your area and develop those genuine connections, she urges. Cedar Creek Lodges provides its clients with a recommended supplier list, referring the couples to wedding vendors that the team works with often.

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Cedar Creek Lodges at Thunderbird Park, in the Gold Coast hinterland.

4. Be on Easy Weddings and be seen by more couples

Being listed on Easy Weddings increases your chances of being seen by couples who may not have ever come across your business otherwise — especially if they are early into their planning journey and don’t know what they’re looking for yet, Meagan says.

“I don’t know how often we would come up in a typical Google search for wedding venues. Easy Weddings is where a lot of couples start their planning, so for them to see what we offer in one place early in the process, is really helpful for securing bookings.

“It’s called Easy Weddings for a reason! It’s a very easy experience for both the client and the venue.”

For a closer look at how Easy Weddings has helped super-charge Cedar Creek Lodges, download the Case Study, here.

Curious to see how your business could grow with Easy Weddings? Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll reach out for a no-obligation chat.

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