Idol to ‘I Do’: Sash and Bec Reach Pinnacle as Wedding Powerhouse

Updated on: March 27, 2024

In the competitive market of weddings, making waves and securing bookings requires more than just talent — it demands dedication, strategy, and a personal touch. We chatted with Sash Seabourne, one-half of Pinnacle Acoustic Duo, to learn how the pair is succeeding as newcomers to the industry.

Sash shares valuable insights on navigating the wedding industry as a successful new music business from the jump, utilising digital marketing to build his brand presence, and nailing the end-to-end customer journey.

Sash and business partner Bec Voysey launched into the wedding industry after meeting as solo finalists on Australian Idol in 2023. Both from Perth, their mutual love of acoustic renditions of classic songs and vocal harmonies was undeniable, sparking the inception of Pinnacle Acoustic. Since then, they’ve been making waves in the wedding and corporate events space, delivering unforgettable performances and elevating special moments.

“We had never crossed paths until Idol. I have a singer-songwriter background, so I was always in original music and have done a lot of touring and recording. And Bec was more of a high-end corporate performer with a music theatre background. We were both seasoned performers but from completely different worlds. And we probably never would have met if it wasn’t for doing the show.”

Pinnacle Idol

Building Relationships: The Foundation of Success

For Sash and Bec, establishing connections is paramount. Their approach is not about rapid expansion but rather about cultivating meaningful relationships. As Sash puts it, “We’re just kind of pushing into the space slowly and consistently, and developing relationships is kind of number one at the moment.”

This deliberate approach emphasises quality over quantity, ensuring each interaction leaves a lasting impression.

“I would rather work less and do a great job every single time than overstretch myself and book out and not be able to provide that high service,” he adds.

“Don’t sacrifice quality to get the gig. It’s not a pub gig — it should not be taken lightly how important this day is to people. If you want to work in this space, you have to put more effort into every job than any other type of musical work.”

Crafting a Unique Experience

Their unique blend of talent, experience, and passion sets Pinnacle Acoustic Duo apart. With backgrounds in different music genres and performance styles, Sash and Bec offer a refreshing twist to wedding entertainment.

“Having two finalists on a national TV show available to book at a private event is a pretty strong elevator pitch,” Sash says.

“If you learn a couple’s aisle song, do your own arrangement, and it’s their favourite song heard in a way they’ve never heard before, they’ll rave about it forever.”

“Providing an integral part in the best day of someone’s life is pretty rewarding. They’ll probably remember your performance for the rest of their life. And that’s a lot more rewarding than almost any other musical performance.”


Provide a Premium Service — and Charge for It!

Sash’s advice for new businesses looking to launch into the wedding market is to invest in developing your business model and refining your service first, and wait to launch when you can deliver a best-in-class service.

He warns that rushing to book weddings before you’ve nailed your delivery — offering a budget service for a budget fee — could result in a sub-par experience, and you risk getting negative reviews.

“I would highly recommend creating relationships with people who are experienced in the space and can help upskill you into learning how to do that job at a high level,” Sash says.

“Don’t bother competing in the bottom end as a budget wedding provider. Do your homework and wait until you’re ready, then charge a good fee for a great service.

“You don’t picture your wedding being affordable. Nobody says I want people in my wedding to come up and say, ‘Wow, this is a really cheap wedding. Congratulations! It looks like you saved a lot of money on this!’ That’s not the point of a wedding.”

His advice to couples: “If you want to have a budget wedding or you can’t afford it, I respect that. And people are feeling the pinch at the moment, so they might consider an elopement ceremony or wait — I just don’t think you should cut corners with your venue, with your celebrant, with your vendors. You need to hire people that know what they’re doing.”

Content is Key

You are competing with everyone else – not just on Easy Weddings, but in the industry more broadly. Couples are scrolling through the platform, online and on social media, to see who looks the most impressive off the bat.

“We spent a lot early on, on really good quality videos. We hired a great audio engineer and a great videographer to make amazing-looking videos.

“If you have videos on an iPhone and someone else has spent $1,000 to look amazing, I know who I would pick!”

Having high-quality content is a must when you’re starting out, but Sash says longevity as a successful wedding musician comes from building a brand by showcasing who you are on a personal level, through social media.

“People invest in and feel comfortable around genuine other people. So if you’re funny, be funny. If you also are a gymnast, post a bit of that,” he recommends.

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Sash’s 4 Steps to The Art of Conversion

Converting inquiries into bookings requires finesse in the competitive landscape of weddings. Sash presses the importance of responsiveness and engagement.

This proactive approach, coupled with personalised communication, lays the groundwork for successful conversions. Here is Sash’s 4-step process:

1. Respond quickly

“Once we get an enquiry, I’ll reply to the email within 24 hours, but then I’ll also text. And if we don’t get a reply in a couple of days, text again,” Sash says.

2. Build a Connection

“If someone’s looking for a wedding provider, that sale is live, so trying to get a connection and build a rapport as early as possible is key. I always like to jump on calls if we can,” he adds.

3. Follow Up (more than once)

“I’ll follow up and follow up again — not to be pushy, but just to make sure that the client knows that you are interested and available.”

Don’t be afraid to follow up until you get a firm yes or no, Sash advises.

“It’s like, if you buy a pair of shoes and then you get seven emails in a week being like, ‘Would you like another pair of shoes?’

4. Deliver a Top Service

Once you’ve closed the lead, ensure you’re providing an excellent service on the day.

And Don’t forget to get a review afterwards.

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Maximising Platforms like Easy Weddings

Partnering with platforms like Easy Weddings can significantly amplify visibility and reach. Sash attests to the benefits, noting how it provides a professional edge and streamlines the booking process.

“It’s definitely a way to look professional early in the piece,” he says.

“I’ve been pretty happy with how we’re tracking — our inquiries and also our conversion rate. It’s definitely made it worth the investment. People told us not to use Easy Weddings when we started because they hadn’t had a great experience. But I think it is relative to how much effort you’re putting into your admin and your marketing.

“It’s not as easy as putting a couple of photos up and then set and forget for a year and expecting that you’ll get booked regularly. It’s an active process, and Easy Weddings is one facet of a greater marketing campaign I’m working on every day.”

By leveraging platforms effectively, wedding suppliers can enhance their market presence and attract more leads.

Looking Ahead: Goals and Aspirations

As Pinnacle Acoustic Duo looks to the future, expansion and innovation are on the horizon. Sash envisions growing into a small agency focusing on maintaining high standards and personalised service.

With plans to go national and explore international opportunities, the duo is poised for continued success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding vendors, success hinges on more than just talent—it requires vision, perseverance, and a genuine connection with clients. Through their journey, Sash and Bec are excelling as wedding newcomers not just in their passion and talent alone – but also in their dedication to the customer journey – from content to building relationships, converting leads, and finally closing the loop in requesting reviews.

For a closer look at how Easy Weddings has helped Pinnacle Acoustic Duo launch into the wedding industry, view our one-page case study here, or watch our chat with Sash in the below video.

If you aren’t yet online with Easy Weddings and would like to see how we can help increase your brand presence and help book more weddings, submit an online enquiry form here, and we’ll be in touch.

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