Using social media in times of uncertainty to stay connected to your audience

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Updated on: March 27, 2020

These are times like none of us have experienced in business. But we’re incredibly lucky to have so many tools at our disposal to create future sales, deposits and to help us stay connected with our audience in times of crisis. Do you know the best way you can be using social media in times of uncertainty? Here’s how to use social media to your advantage right now.

Why social media?

Merits of social media:

  • stay connected with the audience despite physical boundaries
  • drive online sales
  • fast responses from clients
  • staying in front of mind to your audience
  • engagement from the audience = more likely to buy
  • ability to message directly
  • video and live video options
  • ephemeral content (like stories on Instagram and Facebook)
Using social media in times of uncertainty to stay connected to your audience
An empathetic message by Adrienne Montverde

Adjust or adapt (if possible)

Of course, we have to adjust our offerings in some cases. Some businesses will not be able to service any couples for the short term. But if you can adapt, adapt. If you can change your offering, do so. We’re not suggesting you skirt the rules here, we’re suggesting that if you have a way to still do business and turn a profit at this time, make the most of it from home or your business. For example, we’ve seen cake suppliers that are baking bags of cookies to post to people or have people pick up. They already have their commercial kitchen, why not use it?

We’ve also seen wedding invitation suppliers selling “unsave the dates”! And social media is here for you to promote offerings like this to your clients.

According to the current rules, celebrants can still legally marry couples. An idea for celebrants might be to offer a “legal now, ceremonial later” offering, whereby you legally marry them now, then you create them a full personalised ceremony with their family and friends at a later date, for example. You could charge more than your usual fee as you would be conducting two ceremonies, one legal and one not.

Using social media in times of uncertainty to stay connected to your audience
One Mimosa Please

Should you keep posting?

100%, yes! There are more people at home than ever, looking for suppliers because they need something to look forward to (even if it is a couple of years away), planning their weddings, or looking for new suppliers because theirs can no longer service their new date and so many more opportunities. Your couples that have booked in the future (yes, even next year) will be anxious now. They want to be reassured that you’re still in business, that you’re doing okay and that you’re thriving under the huge amount of pressure COVID-19 has put on the wedding industry. SHOW UP! Be present, be authentic. Make sure if you have adapted your offering, you’re promoting this.

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What should you be posting?

At this stage, it would be wise to acknowledge what is going on and what that means for our industry, your business and your couples. It would be a bit strange to completely ignore something that is affecting so many people, at the same time. So open up the discussion. Even if it’s just to tell your clients you will be in touch with them directly to talk about their individual situations.

Right now, for us, on social media, it’s not business as usual. We’re focusing on posting some of our usual content, but also peppering that with posts supporting the industry and small businesses wherever possible, and adding in advice and support for couples that are affected.

If you have any questions, please join our Facebook group. 

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