Five Ways To Subtly Tell Couples You’re Vaccinated

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Updated on: October 7, 2021

So… um… are you vaccinated?

It’s a question many couples will want the answer to but not everyone will feel comfortable asking.

If you are vaccinated and happy to share that information, it becomes one less thing a couple has to worry about. In addition, showing your vaccination status will also signal to couples that the rest of your information is likely up to date.

Here are five ways to subtly but clearly let couples know you have got the jab.

Include it in your Instagram or Facebook business page

We have seen quite a few posts on Instagram and Facebook lately where suppliers are announcing they’re fully vaccinated and we’re all for it! If you’re going to use social media to share this information, a post is good but to save people scrolling through to find the post, you can also include it in your Instagram bio or Facebook description or add a vaccinated ‘frame’ to your profile image.

Add the badge to your website

If you have a website, now is a good time to add the ‘fully vaxxed – wedding ready’ badge to your homepage or include it in your ‘About Us’ section.

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Include it in your email signature

Given that the vast majority of couples prefer to connect with suppliers via email, we recommend adding the vaccinated badge or ‘fully vaccinated supplier’ to your email signature. You can do this through your email settings and remember: YouTube is the world’s biggest learning platform these days with hundreds of videos on how to update email signatures alone. Here’s one video about updating your Gmail signature.

Update your Easy Weddings Storefront

When it comes to your Easy Weddings page, there are three main ways to convey your vaccination status. The listing image is where many couples will have their first impression of your business. You could use a photo editing software like Canva (which is free) to add this png image of the ‘fully vaxxed – wedding ready’ badge to the bottom right of your listing image. Of course, you could upload the badge (or similar image to show your vaccination status) as one of your 24 images or you could add a simple sentence to your copy along the lines of ‘I am fully vaccinated supplier’. 

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Include it in your marketing copy or terms of services document

And lastly, you could also include it in your pricing document as an aside or footnote. You may also want to address your policy on vaccination in your terms of services or agreement documentation. In our recent webinar, Kathryn from Event Law spent some time on this very topic. You can watch the replay here to see her tips for staying on the right side of the law.

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