23 EASY Wedding Business SEO Tricks to Reach More Couples

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Updated on: March 25, 2021

Matt Antonino, our brilliant Traffic Manager at Easy Weddings, shares his selection of the simplest wedding business SEO tips below.

If you’re wondering the best way to reach more couples with less hassle, the biggest trick is to capitalise on someone else’s SEO strength. Instead of beating the pavement trying to learn every wedding business SEO hack and creating endless content, the best thing you can do is join an advertising platform like Easy Weddings that’s done all the hard work for you.

At Easy Weddings, we rank #1 throughout Australia for most wedding business keywords. Instead of trying to beat thousands of competitors by going it on your own, one of the smartest decisions you’ll make is signing up for an Easy Weddings storefront. You’ll be on a shortlist of suppliers that are included in popular searches like Best Wedding Photographers Sydney or Top Wedding Celebrants Melbourne.

Reach More Couples

Think you’re up for the challenge of managing your own SEO strategy? Here are some of our Top Gun’s tips.

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Wedding Business SEO Basics 

  1. Sign up & add Google Analytics to your website
  2. Claim your website in Google Search Console 
  3. Submit your sitemap to Search Console (typically located at /sitemap.xml)
  4. Advertise on a platform Google loves — use their SEO strength to your advantage

Wedding Business Keyword Research 

  1. Decide on your primary keyword for your homepage
  2. Decide on and target 1-3 unique keywords you’d like to rank for other pages 
  3. Google search for your keyword and find keywords under “Searches related to” 
  4. Choose the page of your website 
  5. Be realistic — your brand new website won’t rank for “wedding photography” tomorrow

Structuring Your Wedding Business Website

  1. Use short, descriptive URLs (ie. /wedding-gallery/ not /pictures-john-jane/)
  2. Include the keyword(s) for the page in your title tag and meta description for the page
  3. Structure Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc) like the outline for a book with one H1 only
  4. Optimise your images with related filenames (autumn-wedding.jpg not 12312020-1.jpg)
  5. Add alt tags to your images to help them appear in Google Image Search 

Creating Content

  1. Write for users, not search engines, primarily
  2. Include relevant topics, keywords, and industry jargon but don’t overdo it
  3. Text pages should generally be 300 words or longer of readable content
  4. Checklists, bullet points, and numbered lists help keep your pages easily digestible

Simple SEO Wins Offsite 

  1. Links from other sites to your own help your website rank
  2. Fill in your website URL on social media and other profiles you have
  3. Guest blog on related industry websites
  4. Find places your business is mentioned but not linked and ask for a link 
  5. Replicate your competitor’s links where possible; where you see them linked, try to get the same or better backlink

Looking for more holistic support in growing your wedding business? Speak with our Business Advisors today!

Chat with a wedding business advisor

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a popular wedding photographer has to say about the best thing you can do for your SEO strategy.

“I have advertised my photography business with Easy Weddings for 12+ years. In that time Easy Weddings has helped me grow my business to a solid reputable business. They have been the one constant in my advertising budget.

They have continually grown as a company, always improving and finding ways to stay relevant and add value to both advertising clients as well as value for couples who use their directory to plan their weddings.

Even if you don’t rank well on Google. It doesn’t matter too much. I gave up years ago trying to rank well. Google always change their algorithms and because the competition is so great now its super expensive to rank well. As long as you tick all the boxes I have mentioned above in regards to your Easy Weddings listing. You may ask, Why do I think it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t rank well on Google? Simply type in any key wedding phrase such as “wedding photography sydney” See who comes on first page? Easy Weddings. As I type they are the top two positions for that key word.

Now once brides have found Easy Weddings and they see how professional their website looks and all the features they have to help make the brides wedding planning easier. Do you honestly think they will Search Google for suppliers one by one. Hell No!!! They have everything all in one place.” – Ben Newnan Photography

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