Mastering Research Intent and SEO – with Dan Wild

Updated on: September 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential for wedding businesses looking to thrive in the competitive landscape.

Recently, at Easy Weddings Evolve, Digital Marketing Manager Dan Wild delivered a compelling presentation on research intent and how it can be harnessed to position your wedding business as the solution couples seek.

In this article, we’ll delve into the key takeaways from Dan’s insightful presentation and explore how you can leverage research intent to drive success in your wedding business.

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Digital Marketing Manager Dan Wild, shares SEO tips at Easy Weddings Evolve, 2023. Photo by Veri Photography

Research Intent and Keywords

Before a couple can book their wedding suppliers, they will generally be searching for answers to questions like: What wedding styles are on trend this year? or What are the most popular colours/styles for bridesmaids’ dresses or groomsmen suits?

Addressing these sorts of research intents with top tips and thought leadership with content on your website and social media. ‘How-to’ content will help attract couples during that planning phase and providing that value will ultimately build credibility for your business. Appealing to the user’s direct intent should generate a high conversion rate for your wedding business.

Easy Weddings also plays a pivotal role in the research intent of couples. It serves not only as an inspirational platform but also as a source of social proof. Couples often turn to Easy Weddings to discover and vet potential suppliers, reading verified reviews from previous couples who have worked with them.

“With credibility comes trust. And with trust comes transactions,” Dan said.

On social media, share scroll-stopping content that grabs the user’s attention but also something practical to assist their planning. That combination of practical and inspirational content should funnel down to transactional intent.

A search term or query is the most direct and clear a user will ever be when asking for content. So we have to account for this and consider if couples are searching for something; there needs to be an answer to that. So why not let that solution be you?

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Position your wedding business as the solution couples are searching for. Photo: iStock

Demystifying SEO and SEM

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the cornerstone of getting your website ranked as high as possible on Google. It revolves around building authority, trust, and expertise in your niche, primarily through truthful and relevant content that resonates with search queries.

While keywords and algorithms play a significant role in SEO, it’s important to make content for people, not for robots. Robots are being built to be more like people, not the other way around, so ensure you are helping people. If people like your content, robots will too.

In 2023, the digital landscape is evolving rapidly. While Google remains a dominant force, other players, such as Bing and emerging technologies like chat GPT, are changing the search environment. Diversifying your content across various search engines can help you reach a broader audience. However, the fundamental principles of relevance, authority, and user-friendliness remain unchanged.

The 3 Pillars of Google

To succeed in the world of SEO, it’s essential to understand Google’s three key pillars:

  1. Relevance: Your content must directly address the user’s search query.
  2. Speed: Your website should load quickly and provide immediate answers.
  3. Credibility: Establish yourself as a credible source through digital PR and thought leadership.

Credibility can be achieved by positioning yourself as a thought leader through various means, such as podcasts, mentions on other websites, backlinks to your site, and even being featured on platforms like Easy Weddings. The authority and trust that Google has in your brand can extend to your clients when you are associated with reputable platforms.

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From Keywords to Topics

In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, the focus is shifting from keywords to topics. Google is rapidly advancing its understanding of language, enabling it to connect concepts rather than isolated keywords. The more you delve into a specific topic, the more authority you gain in that space. Aim to create at least two blog posts each month, covering key aspects of your offerings, such as trend analyses or real wedding showcases.

Owning Your Expertise

To establish online credibility, weave practical experiences and expertise into your content. Create multiple interconnected pages or blogs that explore one idea in-depth. Ensure your content is regularly updated, particularly if it’s subject to change. Linking your content to your social media profiles and referencing your other work helps build authority.

Putting the Customer First

Create content that addresses your clients’ real-world questions, rather than chasing algorithms. With most searches occurring on mobile devices, ensure your website is mobile-friendly and offers a valuable experience to users. Consistency in language and messaging across social media and your website is crucial for brand cohesion.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Articulate your USP clearly and concisely. Aim to be consistent with your USP across all platforms, targeting the audience you want to work with rather than trying to please everyone.

Testing and Reviews

Regularly test your unique selling propositions and assess their impact on traffic and engagement. Reviews play a significant role in your online presence, with 11+ reviews doubling your likelihood of conversion. Don’t hesitate to ask customers for reviews politely, and always respond to reviews, even negative ones, with gratitude and a personal touch.

DanWild veri sydneyEvolve
Dan Wild explains The Three Pillars of Google. Photo by Veri Photography

Digital Marketing in Summary

There is no silver bullet for a digital marketing strategy that works. There are only ideas and principles that you can test — and test consistently. Don’t be afraid to reprioritise, revisit, or re-explore concepts or ideas that you’ve done previously. It’s essential and will help you constantly post on your platforms.

Mastering research intent and optimising your digital marketing strategy can be a game-changer for wedding businesses. By aligning your content with what users seek, building credibility through expertise and thought leadership, and delivering value to your audience, you can position your wedding business as the ultimate solution for engaged couples. The digital marketing landscape may evolve, but the principles of relevance, trust, and user-centricity remain unwavering.

We hope this article on research intent helped you better understand how Google and search engines use SEO  and SEM, to help you market your wedding businesses.

For a deeper dive into these insights, watch the full replay from Easy Weddings Evolve 2023, below.

If you aren’t yet online with Easy Weddings and would like to see how we can help increase your brand presence and help book more weddings, submit an online enquiry form, here, and we’ll be in touch.

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