Industry Insider: Robyn Pattison Civil Marriage Celebrant

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Updated on: April 30, 2018

 We spoke to Robyn Pattison (aka The Wedding Pixie), one of Sydney’s most popular and highly rated civil marriage celebrants about her learnings from working for 10 years in this ever-changing industry.

Industry Insider: Robyn Pattison Civil Marriage Celebrant
Nattnee Photography

Tell us a bit about your business and your experience in the wedding industry.

This is my tenth year as a Sydney Marriage Celebrant. I have also been MC-ing weddings for a couple years, too. That was something I did quietly on the side – but now, I’m out there – loud and proud and loving the opportunity to guide my couples right through every stage of their Big Day.
Industry Insider: Robyn Pattison Civil Marriage Celebrant
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What do you do to make your business stand out?

I have always led with the heart. I’m all in.
Nothing I do is tangible – and I know that I am only as good as the memories I leave behind me, so I give every couple 150% of me.
I always respond immediately. I’m always there when they need me.
I give them assistance they didn’t expect.
I always give them more than they paid for – and more than they expect – and let those memories do most of my marketing for me.
Studio Something Photography
Studio Something Photography

How do current couples differ from couples a few years back?

They are booking differently – either long, long in advance – or right at the last minute. This is hard on we vendors – we can’t plan so well, we can’t predict what sort of year it will be.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned recently that’s helped your business?

Even if you hate it, social media is everything.
 I’ll never be an expert – and I  struggle with it every day – but I’m trying really hard to be more visible on Instagram – and it’s starting to pay off.
I’ve also started a series of Live Videos on Facebook, called Five Minutes with The Wedding Pixie – to give advice and talk ceremony and reception related topics. I’ve got so many handy hints and advice to share.
Studio Something Photography
Studio Something Photography

If you could give one piece of advice to a brand new wedding professional what would it be?

Make sure your personality fits. You will give up all your social time. When your friends and family are out having fun, you’ll be working. You won’t get weekends – you’ll work seven days, around the clock. Why? Because as soon as they become engaged, a couple forgets that there is anything else happening in the entire world. There’s no Donald Trump. No war in Syria. Just their wedding (and you are their only client). As soon as you understand that – and apply it to every situation, you are ready to go. Until then, it’s really hard work.
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What are your predictions for the wedding industry? What do you think will be the next big thing?

For my part – and my couples-  things stay much the same. 
Visuals change, styling, colours, photography and video- they all go through trends – but I care for the feelings, the families. I  care for the soul of it all and the memories I  leave behind. Celebrants and MCs will always be fighting an uphill battle to make these things the priority – but we will keep on fighting!
Angus Porter Photography
Angus Porter Photography

“When we were searching for a celebrant, Robyn stood out by far as the most passionate and professional one in the market – and she did deliver everything we thought she would, and more!” Katiuce, 9/4/17. 

Visit Robyn’s storefront on Easy Weddings here.

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