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Updated on: July 16, 2014

We’re thrilled to unveil Spotlight Positions, our first new advertising offering in four years. Spotlight Positions, which have been rolled out as part of our revamped website, are designed to shine a ‘spotlight’ on your business.

Spotlight Positions have been strategically designed and placed to assist our suppliers drive more awareness and increased click-throughs to their profile page throughout their campaign, which in-turn will lead to more enquiries and website traffic.

The Spotlight Positions are on the Home Page of and on all directory Category pages.

Home Page Spotlight Positions give all suppliers opportunity to promote themselves on the most popular page of the EW site. There are 4 spotlight ads for each of the states and territories in Australia. The Home Page is geo-coded to show brides the suppliers nearest her physical location. Home Page Spotlight winners also gain the advantage of being promoted on all regional home pages throughout their state.

Category Spotlight Positions appear above all listings and will be the highest level of category advertising available. There are 3 spotlight ads for each of the category pages, in every region.

screenshot-ie-spotlights-emailSpotlight Packages can be taken on either a short term or long term basis, with prices set by you—not Easy Weddings—and all spots are based on an unbiased, open and transparent auction-style system. The auctions run weekly from Thursday 4:00pm AEST until the following Thursday 3:45pm AEST. The top bidders win the positions from left to right with a display period from Thursday 4:00pm AEST to the following Thursday 3:59pm AEST.

If any Spotlight Positions are not sold, we automatically allocate those spots to our Premium advertisers at no additional cost. Premium suppliers will be rotated through randomly once per minute.

How it works

Auctions are running now in your advertisers admin area:

The current Auction will finish this Thursday at 3.45pm. We’ve put together a comprehensive Overview and FAQs section which should answer any questions you have. Also, our Customer Experience Team are able to assist you with any queries or help you to create your first bid for a once-off Spotlight position, or a recurring bid if you need a big year round increase in exposure and business.

The spotlight will be in very high demand, so to ensure you are always in contention for one of these exclusive positions, you can use the Autobid feature. In a few simple clicks, you can create a recurring bid and be automatically entered in the auction each week, for as long as you like to shine the spotlight on your business. You’ll have total control of your weekly investment and the best part: this extra exposure can cost as little as $10 per week.

To bid on your first spotlight position login to and choose Spotlight Positions in the top menu.

If you have any questions or need support, free free to contact our friendly Customer Experience team on 1800 155 122 or

Thank you and happy bidding!

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