5 things you need to do to launch your wedding business:

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Updated on: December 6, 2017

Whether you just launched your business or have been thinking about it for years, or even just want some tips on your existing business, here are five tips on how to best set yourself up and successfully launch your wedding business:

launch your wedding business

1. Gain experience

Learn the ropes through another company as an intern to gain an understanding of the skills needed to run a wedding business – “shadow” a professional or join forces with someone who has more experience.

Become accredited by whichever association offers it, get a degree or a certificate to show your expertise in your relevant field (if necessary). It might even be beneficial to offer some lower cost wedding services initially for you to build up your portfolio or offer free services to family and friends in exchange for a review!

2. Build connections with other wedding professionals in your area

It’s true that it’s sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Connect with wedding suppliers at expo’s, join Facebook groups for wedding professionals (join ours here) drop off physical brochures or business cards, and attend Easy Weddings industry events. These are free events, run for our valued wedding suppliers.

3. Develop a positive image and set your goals

Get yourself a polished and professional website and set up your social media platforms. Convey your individual style and persona through every aspect of the business. You might want to use all of that networking to set up a styled shoot with some of the wedding professionals you’ve met to kickstart your portfolio. You will need some amazing images for that website and for your marketing, so this is a great opportunity to get that.

Ensure that your business profile strength on Easy Weddings is 100%! Then, you will have the greatest chance of success on our platform. You can check your profile strength by logging onto WedCRM.com. Use your existing Easy Weddings credentials.

Be sure to set clear goals, both short-term and long-term, for the business to keep track of your success. If you need some added motivation, make your company missions are clearly visible every day in your office/at your desk to keep you focused on the goals you’d like to achieve.

4. Get comfortable with the legal and financial terms and requirements

Get to know the up-front costs involved in setting up your business and don’t forget a solid budget for your website and your marketing costs, as these are often overlooked (but invaluable) as you need both to drive traffic and get some leads coming in.

Get an attorney to help with the legal paperwork and initial set-up of the business.

Ensure you’re properly licensed in your respective niche prior to beginning work so that you don’t get caught out. Be sure to get insurance as well to cover you against any unfortunate events.

5. Set out a marketing plan and work out a strategy for how you will sell your business

Discover your niche – what makes your business stand out from the rest? What is the unique selling point of your business? Know it and make sure your audience does too! Also, be sure to stay in touch with the latest trends, do your market research to stay competitive in your specific category. Whether it be a VR tour for a venue or offering free name change kits for a celebrant, there are various ways that you can set yourself apart. Don’t be afraid to use them in your marketing, whether it be on your Easy Weddings storefront or on social media or your website.

launch your wedding business

Ready to launch your wedding business or need some wedding business tips? Get in touch here, we love helping businesses grow. 

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