Eight ways to get free publicity for your wedding business

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Updated on: August 31, 2015


Securing publicity for your wedding business is all about “getting ink” – and no, we’re not talking about wedding tattoos. We’re referring to unpaid appearances in print media such as newspapers and magazines, and more recently digital platforms like social media and blogs.

Publicity tells a compelling human interest story, announces a product release, delivers a client case study and other timely, relevant and/or entertaining news that shines a favourable light on your business. It’s the resourceful alternative to advertising and can yield some positive media attention using these strategies for getting free publicity for your brand…without even writing a press release!

1. Offer educational courses

Local libraries run year-round events offering courses ranging from photography and card making to gardening and vintage fashion. If you have skills or expertise you can share with the community, local libraries will promote your course (and brand!) across their social media, newsletters and website in an attempt to fill the course, costing you nothing but an hour or two of your time. You might not book out with brides, but you never know whose daughter, sister, aunt or cousin might be recently engaged and in the market for an experienced wedding florist or couture designer… “Oh, I met this lady last week at the library – you’ll love her!”

free publicity for wedding business

2. Take advantage of ‘owned media’

Owned media refers to any media property created by your business, giving you complete control over the messages distributed, including your website, landing pages, blog, newsletters, social media and any lead magnets used for list building activities, like look-books, eBooks, infographics and reports.

Social media is another form of owned media, which despite declines in organic reach, can still generate free publicity, provided your posts deliver high quality content. For attracting the attention of local journalists, blog regularly about timely, controversial, seasonal or entertaining wedding topics using the keywords and phrases in headings that you would search if you were looking for that topic. Remember to hashtag effectively to increase social reach.

3. Host an online talk show

Becoming an expert on your wedding product or service makes you a go-to resource for prospective clients and journalists alike, and starting your own podcast is an excellent way to build your profile. As Digital Trends points out, “anyone with a little ambition and elbow grease can make a terrific podcast. Though creating a regular talk show is hard work, it’s also part of the appeal, relishing in a collaborative nature and DIY spirit that’s as admirable as it is daunting to undertake.” Reach our to suppliers and clients to join your podcast series and offer to return the favour where possible, through blogs or social media mentions.

podcasts for free publicity

4. Become a source

SourceBottle is a free service for business owners seeking publicity opportunities relevant to their business or area of expertise. Check out the Lifestyle & Fashion category for wedding related callouts, or even post your own advertisement seeking influential wedding bloggers for product or service reviews you can use in your content marketing.

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Source: SourceBottle

5. Talk to us!

There are so many avenues for publicity available to our clients, including Facebook shout outs, Real Weddings, news stories and video testimonials, so be sure to submit your gorgeous pictures and fabulous stories to our Content Manager!

6. Blow your own trumpet

Entry into business awards such as the Telstra Australian Business Awards can enhance brand credibility and generate free publicity for your business through local and national media coverage arranged courtesy of award organisers. And as a bonus, by adding an award badge to your homepage header you could potentially increase conversion by up to a whopping 72.05%!

7. Explore joint ventures

Teaming up with your charity of choice to donate your time to a car wash fundraiser, distribution drive or even office support are great ways to give back to the community in a mutually beneficial relationship that both your business and your partnered charity can promote across your owned media through newsletters, blogs and social media promotion.

free publicity for small businesses

8. Create uniqueness

Journalists LOVE to report on superlatives; the cheapest, the fastest, the tallest, the longest, the greenest… the UNIQUEST. If you can’t beat a world record for the largest dog wedding ceremony or the most expensive wedding dress, and your kitchen’s not big enough to make a million dollar wedding cake, strive for something slightly less ambitious but no less interesting to local media. Figure out what your business can offer that no other business in town is willing to do and you’ve got yourself uniqueness; one of the most powerful weapons in the publicity game.

Want some free publicity? We’re on the hunt for Easy Weddings vendors to submit short written and video testimonials about their experience as a vendor with Australia’s No.1 online wedding resource. Get in touch to tell your story and help us introduce your brand to world or wedding enthusiasts!


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