Petition: Help the Australian wedding industry survive these tough times

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Updated on: March 26, 2020

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Easy Weddings works with over 5,000 small and micro wedding businesses each and every day, this is why we ask that and every one of you to help support our wedding industry and for the government to step in and come to the table.

The wedding industry needs your help, and we need it immediately. A wedding isn’t merely a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of friends and family; it’s an event that provides income to many.

There are over 150,000 people that work in the wedding industry who work tirelessly to create unforgettable weddings day in and day out… All of their jobs are currently at stake and each and every one of them is a vital part of the Australian economy.

Australia’s wedding industry is worth more than $4 billion to the economy every year. There are more than 56,000 businesses in the industry covering a myriad of different services and products; venues, photographers, celebrants, dress designers, entertainers and musicians, caterers, transport services, florists, cake makers, stylists, planners, makeup artists, jewellers and so many more.

Each and every person working in these industries is currently at serious risk of losing their livelihood, and are wondering whether they will be able to pay their mortgage, will be forced to lay off their staff, or close their businesses down.

COVID-19 has hit the world by surprise and in order to stay safe and flatten the curve, the restrictions around social gatherings are absolutely necessary. We fully support these vital health measures and beg that everybody adhere to them. However, these same restrictions also mean that the wedding industry is grinding to a halt.

Couples are postponing and cancelling weddings, venues are shutting, suppliers are being left with questions of when this will end and overall, confusion, uncertainty and panic is gripping the whole of the hospitality and service industry.

March and April are two of the biggest months for the wedding industry before winter naturally slows weddings down to a trickle. Businesses usually use these months to get through the quiet times.

For many suppliers, living job to job is the norm. Despite being one of the most important days of most couples’ lives, the entire industry is highly competitive and has a low barrier to entry. This means that margins are low and the vast majority of wedding businesses earn less than $100,000 per year. This is before costs, staffing and other overheads are taken into account. Put simply, the wedding industry as a whole cannot survive an extended period without work.

The Federal Government has already announced bailouts, deferred payments and various other sorts of help for numerous industries such as the airline industry and other key parts of the economy. There have also been stimulus packages announced for various small businesses, however, this will not cover many of the sole traders and businesses holding Australia’s wedding industry afloat.

We believe those in the wedding industry should have their voices heard just as loudly and we will fight for the rights and livelihoods of each and every person working within the industry.

We are asking that the federal and state governments:

  • Engage the industry directly to discuss measures to ensure there is a viable wedding industry into 2020 and beyond
  • Look at a direct stimulus to the 56,000 businesses in the industry through either a cash injection or direct support
  • Look at providing relief for government payments and registration fees required by those in the industry (such as the registration fee for celebrants or vehicle registration and overheads for transport suppliers)

Let’s do a better job of supporting these professionals that put their heart and soul into creating a day that couples and guests will cherish for a lifetime. Let’s ensure that a situation that is out of everyone’s control does not ruin an entire industry and the lives of people that depend on it for their living.

We all need a little something to look forward to in this time of uncertainty. Weddings are a celebration of love conquering all, despite the hardships. Let’s make sure that we have a strong, healthy and robust industry ready to help couples all over Australia celebrate their weddings when this crisis is over.

To Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash and Prime Minister Scott Morrison: please hear our pleas and engage with the industry to help save these vital small businesses and the 120,000 weddings that couples look forward to in Australia each and every year.

Help us help the economy by supporting those who contribute to it every day.

Join us in signing our petition and supporting the Australian wedding industry today.

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