Mindfulness and the workplace – why it matters

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Updated on: June 8, 2019

Mindfulness, meditation and wellness. These aren’t just buzzwords, they are tried and tested ways to help reduce stress in the workplace and keep yourself, and your employees, happier in the long-term.

Australia’s poster girl for mental health and mindfulness in Australia, Chelsea Pottenger, knows all about the stresses at work. She spent 12 years in the corporate world before her awakening moment. A life reboot led Chelsea to study a PhD in psychology and neuroscience and has now led her to help out those in the wedding industry at Easy Weddings Evolve.

Chelsea’s mission is to get the best out of you, by helping you design a mindful life for your team, making them healthier, happier, and more productive. Chelsea doesn’t just preach these methods, she’s also a proud ambassador for mental health and charities including RU OK and The Gidget Foundation, becoming an authority on mindfulness and productivity in the corporate world.

Chelsea doesn’t just have the experience of being an international speaker behind her. She’s known for her connection to the audience, warm energy, and thought-provoking content as a thought leader in mindfulness and productivity in business. Chelsea has also built a tribe of followers; like-minded people who are looking to bring balance to their busy lives.

Still doubtful? Here’s what Chelsea has to teach you at Easy Weddings Evolve.

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What is mindfulness and why should I care?

Chelsea is ready to help you approach mindfulness from a clinical perspective. Mindfulness is the mental state achieved by focusing on your awareness in the present. At Evolve you’ll learn about the neuroscience behind mindfulness, the benefits for your brain, and how you can hardwire your brain to become more focused on the present.

Being able to recognise your own stress triggers, working on quick techniques to calm down your stress response and how to react to stress differently are all benefits that mindfulness can offer to your overall mental health.

Merging mindfulness and sales excellence

Mental health also comes down to the relationships that you keep and nourish, including those that you make during the sales process. If you realised how important your networks are, wouldn’t you spend more time nourishing and sustaining the existing talent that you have?

Taking the time to select who you hire, exploring how to build instand rapport, and what good salespeople do (and what they should avoid) are all steps in this journey to be more mindful when dealing with sales, relationships, and couples.

chelsea pottenger
@eqminds via Instagram

Take the step towards becoming more mindful in business and at home with Chelsea Pottenger at Easy Weddings Evolve. 

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