What’s your love language? How to tell and how to get what you need from your relationship

Based on the infamous book by Gary Chapman “The 5 love languages”, these five key areas are allegedly the secret to love that lasts. Sounds good to me! All of us who are strongly considering getting married are hoping for a happy ending, a forever. In order to get that, knowing what you want from your partner is imperative to your relationship success. So, what is your love language? And how do you find out what you need in a relationship to be fulfilled? What about your partner?

The five key pillars of love language are:

Words of Affirmation

If you love language is words of affirmation, you will feel happiest with your partner when deep in focused conversation. You love chatting to your love, getting support and verbal encouragement and affirmations. If this sounds like you, your partner should avoid non-constructive criticism, or not acknowledging the effort that the other party makes, and impress you by sending notes, leaving voicemails and cute texts.

Receiving gifts

This one is your love language if you LOVE unexpected or incredibly thoughtful gifts. If you’re absolutely stoked, besotted to receive something from someone you love regardless of the cost… then this one is probably you! Your partner should be sure not to forget major occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and giving gifts that aren’t you. They should be sure to also appreciate gifts you give them.

Acts of Service

This is your love language if you appreciate the idea that your partner is exactly that… your partner! You love when they take a moment to do things to help out, and when they say things like: “Let me do ____ for you” or “I’ll help you do ____”. So you feel loved and appreciated, you need a partner who actively tries their best to alleviate your workload. Maybe it’s making you a coffee in the morning, or hanging out the washing without being asked. These things go a long way.

Quality Time

If quality time is your love language, you love to have uninterrupted conversations with your partner and one on one time. You love weekend getaways with your partner, long walks and dates. If you believe this is you, your partner should avoid distractions when you’re together and spending too much time with others at a time.

love language

Physical Touch

If your love language is physical touch, you find holding hands, kissing, and other forms of physical touch as an important part of your relationship. You partner should make time for massages, kissing, hugs and make sure that they receive your affection warmly (with their consent of course).

love language

It’s also important to note which of these your partner is. You may be a combination of a few, but usually, you have a main one, and so will they. If you know what their love language is, and they know yours, then together you can work at keeping each other happy, loved and fulfilled within the relationship.

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