How to pick your wedding video style

Wedding photography may be the most popular way to reflect on your big day. But it’s your wedding video that will truly help you reminisce on your day. Video captures live moments and is the best way to re-live the atmosphere of your wedding and the emotions you felt on the day.

Videography has become more and more popular over the last few years, with 51% of couples including this as a part of their wedding day. Not having a video is one of the biggest regrets couples have after their wedding day. And unfortunately, it’s impossible to recreate those moments once the day has come and gone.

Once you’ve decided whether to have a videographer on your day, the next step is to look at the filming style. Deciding your style, how long to hire, and the right person to do it are all choices you must make.

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You’ve likely already put thought into the style for your wedding photos, so now its time to think about your video. These two elements will go hand in hand when helping you remember and relive your day, so consistency is key. Most importantly, you want to be sure to capture your wedding day the way that you want to remember it.

Luckily there are many styles for you to choose from and most wedding videographers will give you several options, so you aren’t limited in your choice. Whether you choose a full-length feature or a highlight reel, you’ll find the right style to fit your needs.

We currently love how popular wedding teasers are, as they give a quick snapshot of what a videographer is capable of. If you’re still unsure what style of video you want, below are a few popular styles you might like to choose from.

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The most popular videography choice for weddings is cinematic. 37% of couples will hire a cinematic videographer on their day.

A cinematic style will capture your wedding day in a more stylised way. Not only will it include the important parts of your day, but also the little things that add those memorable touches, like the décor, rings and any pre-wedding activities.

Think of it as more of a movie edit that will be put together with the focus being on the production of your wedding day storyline. Visuals of your vows and speeches may be overlayed with video of you posing for photos or cutting your wedding cake. These elements help create a more stylised video and give a more movie feel to your wedding. So, in years to come, you can sit down with some popcorn and enjoy looking back on your day.

If this sounds like the video style for you, chat to your wedding videographer about what they need from you to craft your day into that movie-style. Music and voice-overs will definitely play a part.

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Traditional and romantic

The second most popular videography style is traditional and romantic style, as chosen by 29% of couples. A traditional wedding video will likely capture those important parts of your day, including your vows, speeches and first dance. Often traditional styles will have minimal editing or transitions.

In saying that, while most traditional wedding videos limit editing, modern romantic and traditional wedding videos are frequently edited into a highlights package. This way, you can relive the best parts of your wedding, without including any blunders or accidents. A good videography company will have editors who can work around these!

It’s becoming more common for videographers to include a wedding teaser video, which is a great way to share with your friends and family through social media. This is also more suited for friends and family, rather than having a massive viewing session. Save that for your parents!

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The third most popular wedding video style is the documentary format, with 22% of couples opting for this choice. This style is very similar to the cinematic edit, in that it will be longer and more stylised like a movie. It differs from cinematic by taking a more journalistic approach, rather than a dramatic feel. Documentaries often include interviews with the couple and their friends and family before they tie the knot. Expressing those pre-wedding jitters on camera might make you nervous, but it’s a great way to capture the emotion of your day.

This style of wedding video will also go through the paces of your wedding day from the very beginning to the very end in chronological order. There will be sections focusing on getting ready, arriving at the ceremony and exchanging your vows, all the way to getting photos taken and heading into the reception.

Documentary edits are perfect for those couples who love to tell their story and want to share their feelings before the wedding. This makes watching it and reliving it all the more fun, as there are sure to be surprises and things that were said and forgotten!

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Finally, the last major popular wedding style is vintage, with 12% of couples choosing this style. Vintage editing will often include filters to give it that old-style similar to that of videos back in the 1970s. Elements on your day are captured in a specific tone, lighting and colour.

Vintage style videos are unlikely to suit most wedding themes but are well suited to rustic, vintage and boho style themes. These themes already carry vintage themes in them so will be a great way to capture that atmosphere in the way that you film.

Mostly, vintage videos capture the more candid side of your wedding day, making it well suited to a lot of candid photography. So, if you’re looking for something that’s stylised but still natural, vintage is definitely for you.

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