Wedding planner reveals recent decor trends

We spoke to the team at ANNA WANG, one of Sydney’s top wedding planning businesses, about what trends they are loving and how these are shaping couples days.



“My favourite styling element has to be candles, and creating ambiently lit settings that make use of florals of different heights (ceiling and table) to create an intimate dimension to the space”.



” In Sydney, in particular, the trend has evolved from the simpler decor that is just table centerpieces, of one flower type. Its been evolving to more dimension aided by different types of flowers, lighting and ceiling installations. It’s become more of a showpiece.

Couples are now more open to trying different formats and layouts, from circular orientation, king tables of different shapes, and lounge settings that serve to bring people together rather than sitting in separate ‘hubs’.”


Unique blooms:

“I’m seeing couples ask for unusual flowers and natives at the moment and it’s really nice to work with fresh flowers that are different, not the standard roses and orchids for instance. Though I have to say I’m most excited with what is possible with silk flowers. We’ve been using a lot of them over the past 2 years and couples love that there are no issues of allergies and they can’t have different types of flowers not normally available in the Australian climate.

We’ve been working with our manufacturers overseas in designing new types of silk flowers and consistently look at improving the “real touch” range so they look and feel great – as accurate to real life as possible. Funny enough some of these look more perfect and fresh than a wilted flower!”


Marquee settings:

“I love the lounges and marquee because the experience it creates is so intimate and inviting! The feedback from guests for when we’ve done this format has been extremely positive because they often mingle more and feel part of the wedding and other guests.”



“If there’s any trend that I’d like to come back, it has to be pearls. Would love for pearls to make a big come back!”


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