Weddings hijacked: wedding guest horror stories

Ever been present at a wedding that’s been hijacked and ransacked by a rogue guest? Redditors share their wedding guest horror stories with us, and while we’re appalled, we’re also not surprised at the behaviour some ‘family’ and ‘friends’ exhibit on what’s supposed to be someone’s best day of their life.

Who’s the bride again?

Reddit user aquaneer shared her frustration at her father in law. During the father of the groom speech, the groom’s Dad consistently referred to the bride by an ex-girlfriend’s name. He slurred through his toast, speaking fondly of Mark and ‘Alyssa’s’ budding romance. While this seems all on board, the bride’s name was not Alyssa. The marrying couple had been together for 7-9 years by then, and still the bride’s name was forgotten.

wedding guest horror stories

“And YOU Alyssa, I love you like a dawwwghter.”

“God bless the mash potatoes”

Reddit user cant_spel shared her brother’s interesting toast at her wedding. While usually her brother is a genuine and friendly guy that everyone likes, on this occasion he had been drinking heavily. His speech included ramblings and thank-you’s to his grandparents and parents for “doing what they did”, because if it weren’t them, none of the kids would even be getting married.

If that wasn’t awkward enough, he then mumbled “God bless the mash potatoes.” and performs a mic-drop. Classy, and slightly hilarious.

wedding guest horror stories

“I think I love the mashed potatoes more than you.”

Phantom party pooper

Reddit user pithulu, a few weeks out from her wedding, realised her wedding venue hadn’t been in contact to quote the exact total to be paid. When her husband-to-be rang to enquire about payment, the venue said, “Nothing? You cancelled the wedding.”

The venue confirmed that the person who cancelled used her fiance’s name and contact number, and cancelled their booking. Because of this, the couple suspect the phantom party pooper was someone in his own family.

While no resolution was offered by pithulu, we’re guessing they got married in the end? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wedding guest horror stories

“Yes hello my name is Darren Doonrodden and I’d like to cancel my wedding.”

Attention hungry mum

A reddit user (whose account has since been deleted) woke up on her wedding day excited and ready to go. Her fiance received a text that very morning: his mother, overnight, had dyed and cut her hair the exact same colour and style as the bride. While this is usually enough to send brides into a tizz, the offending mother of the groom then faux-fell onto the bride mid ceremony, drawing attention to herself and almost sending the bride into the nearby lake. Needless to say, the two no longer speak.

wedding guest horror stories

“It’s my day too, biatch.”

Monster of the bride

Reddit user kayechan complained about her mother’s domination of her wedding. Kayechan’s mother offered to pay for the entire wedding, and although this was initially a lovely and generous gesture, her mother soon took over ALL the wedding planning. The dress was the mother’s choice, along with the venue, the preacher, and the bridesmaid dresses. And the best part? Only her mother’s friends were invited. The wedding day was taken from the bride, and became all about her mother. The couple are now saving up and planning a do-over, without the mother.

wedding guest horror stories

“I think WE look great in this.”

DJ take over

Reddit user OverEasyGoing attended a friends’ wedding which was upstaged by their DJ. The DJ interrupted the reception to propose to his own girlfriend, who happened to be a waitress at the wedding venue. He didn’t even check this was okay with the bride and groom, and basically judged an audience full of strangers was the best place to make a fool out of himself.

wedding guest horror stories

“So anyway… Here’s Wonderwall.”

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