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Before you begin your search for the perfect wedding gown, you probably have the idea that a dress is just a dress, and there’s not much to choose between them. However, there are many things you will want to consider before your make a final decision and order your bridal gown. What kind of neckline would you like? Do you really want to wear white? Should you go for sleeves, straps or neither?

These are a few of the decisions you need to make before you order gorgeous wedding gown:

What neckline would suit me?

The neckline of your bridal gown can play down or accentuate your neck, face, shoulders, and bust, so consider the assets you want to highlight when choosing a neckline.

  • A high necked, or slash necked gown will look best on a bride with a small bust, who doesn’t want to show too much skin around her neck or chest.
  • Square or scooped necklines will suit most brides and won’t detract from the bride’s face or hairstyle.
  • Halter neck styles will draw attention to the shoulders, so are worth considering if yours are in great shape. However, large busted women may look unbalanced in a halter neck gown.
  • V-necks are a blessing for the larger busted bride as they draw attention downwards, between the breasts and along the centre of the wedding gown.
  • For those looking to subtly enhance their cleavage, a sweetheart or Queen Anne neckline has a perfect heart shaped line at the bust.
  • Strapless wedding gowns are always popular amongst brides, and suit most women, as long as you are comfortable and well supported, and will not constantly feel the need to tug your dress up. A large necklace may help to balance a strapless dress and reduce the amount of skin on display.
  • Asymmetric necklines with just one strap or an irregular shape are becoming popular in line with current fashion trends, but can take a degree of confidence to pull off.

Does my bridal gown need to be white?

Pure white is not the most flattering colour for many brides, both because it can make fuller figures appear larger, and because it does not suit many complexions. Actually very few brides wear white wedding gowns, with the majority choosing off-white, cream or ivory. If you still don’t feel comfortable in these colours there is a growing trend for coloured wedding gowns, and brides are choosing their favourite colour or one that they know makes them look radiant.

Popular colours for wedding gowns now include dramatic reds, soft pinks, pale golds and pretty lilacs. If you would like to stick to traditional white many wedding dress designers are currently producing white gowns with a splash of colour in the sash or skirt. If you do decide to go for a full coloured gown, remember to keep your accessories simple to create balance.

Should I choose a gown with sleeves?

Whether or not you choose a wedding gown with sleeves often depends on whether or not you like your arms. If you don’t, sleeves will make you feel more confident and you will be able to relax and enjoy your day. You will also be happier with the wedding photos and video.

Wedding gowns with sleeves are actually a big fashion trend at the moment, with designers creating styles ranging from short puffed sleeves to long vintage lace sleeves. Some gowns are made with detachable sleeves, allowing the bride to achieve a more conservative look during the ceremony, and a strapless effect at the reception.

Be open minded when you look for a wedding gown

These are just a few of the features you will want to consider when you are looking for a bridal gown. You will also want to decide whether or not you want to wear a veil and train, what sort of decoration your gown should have, and what your ideal dress shape would be.

However, do be flexible when you start shopping for wedding gowns. It may be that your perfect dress doesn’t meet any of the criteria you imagined, but if you feel wonderful when you put it on it could be the gown for you.

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