Cake smash: 13 wedding cake smashes we love

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Isle of Wedding Photographer

They’re messy, sticky and just a little bit icky, but for couples who like that sort of thing, wedding cake smashes are all the rage.

Originally a child’s birthday party trend out of America, cake smashes are all about letting the birthday boy or girl (usually a toddler) loose on their cake. And anything goes. The results may be messy, but the photos are, usually, lots of fun – and the trend has definitely crossed over to weddings with more and more couples requesting their wedding cake maker bake an extra ‘smash’ cake for the occasion.

Most of us wouldn’t be too keen on messing up our pretty wedding dresses, but there are plenty of brides – and grooms – who don’t mind one bit!

Oh, and be sure to get your spouse’s permission before launching into a cake smash. It’s really something you should both agree on BEFOREHAND! The last thing you want is a fight on your wedding day!

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Mark Hayes Photography

That flower girl looks pretty shocked. Either that or she’s wondering whether she can join the fun!

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Jacquelynn Brynn Photography

Some brides take this wedding tradition very seriously. Take a closer look at the bride’s face. But, judging by the final photo, her groom loved every minute of it.

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Isle of Wight Wedding Photographer

If you’re having a cake smash, you may as well go all out, right? After all, more wedding cake can only mean more good luck, eh?

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Infiniti Photography

Wedding cake smashing definitely makes for memorable wedding photos! 

Wedding cake smash

Image: Mark Hayes Photography

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Chocolate Carousel

Not all cake smashes have to be messy. If you want to keep your wedding gown pristine and your groom’s suit nice and neat, have a controlled cake smash. The trick is to hold your heads as far back from your garments as possible – and use only very small pieces of cake!

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Allebach Photography

But by all means, be as messy as you like!

Wedding cake smashes

Image: Dinofa

Cake smash wedding

Image: M2 Photos

wedding cake smashes

Image: Wallflower Photography

Oh, dear. We’re not sure this ‘best man’ will retain his title…

Wedding cake smashes

Image: A.E. Landes Photography

Cake smashes at weddings

Image: Christina Marie Photography

Wedding cake smashes

Image: John Bosley Photography

Aww. how sweet. Not the cake, the photo! Naturally, cake smashes should always be sealed with a kiss!

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