Nom, nom: 10 wonderfully wacky wedding cakes

When it comes to wedding cakes, most of us think beautiful, delicious and memorable. For some couples, however, their idea of the perfect wedding cake is one that’s delicious and memorable, but also just a little bit ‘out there.’ Here are 10 wacky wedding cakes that most certainly fit the bill of being out there, but are also pretty wonderful!

It’s an enigma

wacky wedding cake

Image: Rainbow Sugarcraft

The Scottish groom is a professional cake-maker at Rainbow Sugarcraft, so his wedding cake was always going to, well, take the cake – and it did! This spherical masterpiece is called Enigma and, we have to admit, it definitely has us baffled.

Magnificently Moroccan

wacky wedding cakes

Image: Heather Barranco DreamCakes

We can only imagine how much work went into creating this astoundingly realistic wedding cake, which was fashioned to look like a traditional Moroccan lantern, complete with vibrant colours, intricate, hand-painted mosaics and, even, its traditionally hand-beaten silver body. Yumbo!

At a wedding reception far, far away…

wonderful wacky wedding cak

Image: Charm City Cakes

The Force is strong with bride Kate and groom Mark who celebrated their mutual love for each other – and Star Wars – with this epic sci-fi fantastic wedding cake.

We’re bookworms – and proud of it!

Book lover wedding cake

Image: Lesley Smith via Flickr

Wowsers! This book-loving couple chose not to have a whole cake created for their wedding but, instead, opted for individual cake slices to be made and decorated – and every single one of them is made to resemble a ‘slice’ of a book.

Happy, erm, Day of the Dead!

Day of the dead wedding cake

Image: Calamity Cakes

Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday that celebrates those family members who have died, so what better theme for your wedding cake, eh? Ehem…

Well, this is a little fishy…

sushi wedding cake

Image: Jacques Fine European Pastries

Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘fish cake’, this wonderfully wacky wedding cake was inspired by the newlyweds’ love of Asian take-way, sushi, in particular. And, yes, even the chopsticks are edible.

 Till death do us part

headless wedding cake

Image: via Reddit

Yikes! Featuring the bride and groom’s heads surrounded by blood splatters galore, this gruesome wedding cake takes the notion of ’till death do us part’ a little too far.

Hold the pickles

Hamburger wedding cake

A super-sized cheeseburger wedding cake, complete with a giant fake beef patty, was the perfect way to top off this couple’s hamburger-laden wedding reception meal.

Head over heels

falling  in love wedding cakeImagine how much skill – and physics – went into a gravity defying wedding cake that looks like it is falling apart.

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