Vintage wedding dress

Wearing an authentic vintage wedding dress is currently a very stylish option, and gowns from the 1920s right through to the 1970s are featuring in modern weddings. It’s no wonder vintage gowns are big news in today’s wedding industry. As well as adding elegance and style, they bring the character and charm of a bygone era to your wedding celebrations.

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If you are hoping to embrace the trend for a vintage wedding dress, then these seven tips are just for you:

Look for family heirlooms

Before you start hunting elsewhere for the perfect vintage gown, ask around to see whether your mother, your mother-in-law to be, or even your grandmother still has her wedding dress. Wearing a vintage wedding dress that belonged to a family member adds a personal touch to your wedding outfit, and although alternations may be expensive, the dress itself will usually be free.

Use measurements not dress sizes

Dress sizes have changed dramatically over the years, as have the average body shapes and sizes of brides. Finding a vintage wedding dress that fits perfectly is always going to be tricky, and you can be sure a size 10 of the 1930s will be smaller than a size 10 of today. Take your measurements and keep them handy when you are searching for your ideal wedding gown.

Buy bigger rather than smaller

Most gowns will need some degree of alteration, and with a vintage wedding dress it is always better to buy something that is too big than something that is too small. This is because it will be hard to match the fabric after so many years, and any extra pieces sewn into a vintage gown will be very obvious.

Factor in cleaning costs

Most brides will want to have a second hand dress cleaned before their wedding day, especially if it has been stored for over forty years. Bear in mind that a vintage wedding dress will require specialist cleaning so this will be a big expense to add to the cost of the dress.

Try out your dress before the wedding

Wedding gowns of yesteryear are bound to be a little less comfortable than modern dresses, so make sure you have a decent trail run with your dress before the big day. You want to be relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day, and a good seamstress should be able to alter your vintage wedding dress to make it easier to wear.

Base your wedding theme around your dress

If you have already planned your wedding theme down to the last detail, finding the perfect vintage wedding dress to complement it can be really tricky. If you have your heart set on a particular era; find the dress first and then use it as the base for the rest of your wedding design.

Consider a vintage inspired dress

If you don’t have a family heirloom to wear, you could consider a reproduction or vintage inspired gown rather than an antique dress. With vintage style being very much in fashion, most bridal collections feature some vintage designs and the dresses will be made to suit today’s figure. A reproduction dress will be more robust and less likely to tear than a fragile vintage wedding dress.

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