This is the ultimate honeymoon goals for a couple who likes to travel

If you’re keen on an epic honeymoon, globetrotting all over the world, exploring new things with your new love, then this is the ultimate honeymoon that you will never forget. Here, we will map out an example honeymoon and how to create it for yourself.

This is the ultimate honeymoon goals for a couple who likes to travel

Unfortunately, here in Australia, we are so far from everything that it’s going to be quite the trip anyway, so you might want to make the most of it and go ALL OUT! Here’s an example of the type of honeymoon we would suggest for those who LOVE travel and want to go on the trip of a lifetime. Read on to see the ultimate honeymoon goals:



Step one – head somewhere HOT

Start your holiday by heading somewhere just a stone’s throw away from Australia, somewhere a touch warmer or more tropical, like the Maldives, Singapore or Malaysia. Your choice will depend on whether you want to lounge by the beach, swim, enjoy amazing spicy food and shopping and of course, factoring in where you’ve been before and if you wish to explore some new territory.  The beauty of these destinations are only a short flight (7-10 hours from most parts of AU), and there isn’t a high chance of jetlag. 😉




Must do’s for your trip to the Maldives:

  • Stay in an overwater bungalow
  • Shop in Malé at the markets
  • Visit the Mulee-aage, a former palace or the National Museum.
  • Go on a dolphin cruise
  • Go diving in Kundrah Thila.
  • Eat at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad Resort



Must do’s for your trip to Singapore:

  • Swim in the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands
  • Eat at Newton Circus Food Court
  • Try Carrot Cake (it’s not what you think it is!)
  • Go to Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome
  • Visit the Rooftop Bars at Marina Bay Sands
  • Check out Haji Lane for hipster cafe’s
  • Check out Orchard Road for endless shopping malls
  • Visit Universal Studios
  • Go to the Lotus flower shaped ArtScience museum



Must do’s for your trip to Malaysia:

  • Head to Penang for amazing white coffee and street food
  • Buy your apple products here, as they are the cheapest in the world
  • Go and view KL from The Petronas Towers
  • Visit the Batu Caves in Gombak
  • Visit the KLCC Aquarium
  • Check out the Gunung Mulu National Park


Step two – Eurotriiiiiiiipppppp!

It’s no surprise that Aussies love a trip to Europe. Many of your pals probably did this on their “gap year” in between study or have lived/worked in London or Berlin. It’s not uncommon for us to migrate to cooler climates that still have that Aussie vibe to them. But If you’re not looking for that much of a change, why not just visit the countries and cities that interest you the most and achieve ultimate honeymoon goals?We recommend checking out Barcelona, Paris, London, Zürich, Prague, Vienna, Athens and Rome, which are all full of amazing history and have a range of activities for all type of interests. Of course, you could go the road slightly less travelled and head to Glasgow, Nice, Galway, Brighton, Bremen, Belgrade and Lisbon. There is so much to see that you could holiday here for months, all you need is to save up (or win the lottery).

This is the ultimate honeymoon goals for a couple who likes to travel


Must do’s for your Eurotrip:

  • Bike riding in Amsterdam
  • Beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Ride a Vespa in Rome
  • Walk the Charles Bridge in Prague
  • Go to a real Irish Pub in Dublin for a pint
  • Shop in Oxford St in London
  • Take a photo with the leaning tower of Pisa
  • Eat pizza in Naples
  • Bathe in the thermal baths in Budapest
  • Eat frogs legs, snails and croissants in Paris
  • To to the opera in Vienna
  • Eat Gelato in Italy
  • Ski in the Swiss Alps
  • Leave a padlock lovelock bridge in Paris
  • Go see the Loch Ness monster
  • Go on a walking tour in Berlin
  • Island hop in Greece
Zakynthos island, Greece

Zakynthos island, Greece

Step three – A little further North

Stay with me here. A lot of Aussies go on a Eurotrip at some point. It’s almost a right of passage. But very few choose to travel further North and see the stunning sights of Scandinavia. Imagine sitting across from a lake in Finnish Lapland, watching the northern lights sparkle on the water, visiting Santa’s house in Rovaniemi, seeing the stunning Atlantic Road in Norway, or seeing the iconic black beaches in Iceland. Don’t discount visiting these stunning countries. They aren’t too “touristy” and they have so many sights to see!

This is the ultimate honeymoon goals for a couple who likes to travel


Must do’s for your trip to Scandinavia:

  • See the northern lights
  • Visit Santa in Rovaniemi
  • Swim in one of Finlands hundreds of lakes
  • Spend Christmas in Lapland
  • Ride a toboggan (Korketrekkeren) in Oslo
  • Go to the Rainbow Panorama in Denmark
  • Sleep in an ice hotel or igloo in the arctic circle
  • Pet a reindeer in Finland
  • Chase waterfalls in Norway
  • Explore glaciers in Iceland
  • Stand on Troll’s Tongue in Norway
  • Go to an Ice Hockey game
  • Catch the midnight sun in summer!
  • Visit the Liseberg amusement park


Step four: Head home the LONG way!

So, you’ve been away for a few weeks now.. and you should probably be getting back to work. But before that.. head home the long way, catch a flight to Japan, Dubai, Vietnam or even Cairns, Sydney or Perth! If you’re already on holidays, you might as well enjoy the trip home too! You can go anywhere you want. So go to Tokyo and shop in the infamous Harajuku, visit the Ghibli Museum and cross the street on the iconic Shibuya crossing! Or, head to Dubai and see extravagant shopping centres, visit the Al Fahidi Historic District, or see the Etihad museum. If Vietnam interests you, you must see Halong Bay, Ho Chi Mihn City and the stunning town of Hoi An.



Step five: Hometime! You guys really are “ultimate honeymoon goals” now

You’re the envy of all of your newlywed friends now. You’ve had an amazing holiday. You came, you saw, you selfied. I know going home is hard, BUT you will be returning with a newfound appreciation for many cultures, and your perfect new spouse too. I dub this honeymoon a raging success!



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