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Updated on: May 20, 2024

Even if you aren’t superstitious, you’ve likely heard this age-old poem: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue — and a sixpence in your shoe!”

Ideas for something borrowed

— Jewellery, perfume, and even shoes — ideas for “something borrowed” are endless. Click to view this Real Wedding. 


While we’re not sure where you’ll easily find a sixpence these days, we do have some excellent ideas on how to tick “something borrowed” off your list! Originating in the late 1800s in Victorian England, this poem has certainly stood the test of time. Traditionally, the something borrowed would be from another woman already in a happy marriage. We’re here to put a modern spin on this requirement!

Vintage or borrowed jewellery

Dig those heirloom pieces out of your jewellery box! Vintage or borrowed jewellery can be the perfect “something borrowed” for your wedding, adding a unique touch and a bit of family history to your wedding day. Picture yourself wearing a stunning necklace that your grandmother wore on her wedding day, or a pair of timeless earrings from a dear friend.

For a fun twist, why not gift a piece of jewellery to a friend and then cheekily ask to borrow it for your wedding? It’s a great way to ensure you get to wear something you truly love while creating a special memory with your friend. This playful approach to “something borrowed” adds a personal touch to your wedding and gives your friend a beautiful piece of jewellery they’ll cherish.

ideas for something borrowed
ideas for something borrowed

— Jewellery by Michelle Pagonis. 


Borrow from nature

Using blooms from nature as your “something borrowed” brings a fresh and personal touch to your wedding. Imagine carrying a bouquet with flowers from your mother’s garden or wearing a crown of blossoms picked from a friend’s favourite tree. These natural elements add beauty and sentiment to your day, making it truly special.

For a fun twist, you could borrow a particular flower that has special meaning to someone close to you. For instance, if a friend loves roses, feature them in your arrangements and share that she inspired your choice. Borrowing blooms this way adds a unique and heartfelt touch to your wedding.

Ideas for your something borrowed

— Flowers by Wild Dahlia Florals


The veil of a loved one

A friend’s wedding veil is a perfect “something borrowed.” While a wedding dress might be tricky to borrow due to fit and style differences, veils are much more versatile and can complement a variety of gowns. This makes it easier to incorporate a piece that holds sentimental value without compromising your bridal look.

Wearing a veil that has already been part of a loved one’s special day adds a layer of meaning to your wedding. It’s a beautiful way to honour your friend’s marriage and share in the joy and good luck that the veil represents. Plus, it adds a touch of personal history and connection to your celebration.

— Veil by Amarige Bridal. 


Borrow from the poets

Hey, wordsmith! Choosing verses from classic poets or contemporary favourites can encapsulate the emotions and significance of the day in a timeless way. Poetry can express love, commitment, and joy in words that resonate deeply, making your vows or readings unforgettable.

Incorporating a beloved poem can also pay tribute to the literary tastes of you or your partner, adding a unique touch to your wedding. Whether it’s the romantic musings of Shakespeare or the modern reflections of Rupi Kaur, using a poet’s words allows you to share profound sentiments in a meaningful and memorable way.

Ideas for your something borrowed

— Use poetry as your something borrowed. Carla Davern officiates a ceremony. 


A delicious recipe

One of the key elements to a successful wedding is delicious food. Borrowing a recipe for your wedding reception can make your meal unforgettable. Consider featuring your grandmother’s famous lasagna or your best friend’s signature cocktail. These dishes bring a personal touch and a sense of home to your celebration.

Serving a beloved family recipe allows you to honour culinary traditions and connect with your guests through shared history. A well-loved dish, like your aunt’s chocolate cake or a friend’s unique appetiser, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and adds a unique flavour to your reception.

Ideas for something borrowed
Ideas for something borrowed

— Fiona and Ben’s wedding featured cakes from their loved ones. Photo by Anna Tomlinson. 



This tip will have you smelling divine and ticking “something borrowed” off of your list. Borrowing a loved one’s favourite perfume for your wedding day adds a special and intimate touch to your celebration. A couple of spritzes can evoke cherished memories and create a sensory link to someone dear to you. Whether it’s your mother’s signature scent or a fragrance your best friend always wears, incorporating it into your day is a subtle yet meaningful way to feel their presence.

Using their favourite perfume honours your loved one and adds a personal layer to your wedding. Every time you catch a whiff of the fragrance, it will remind you of the special bond you share, making your wedding day even more memorable.

Ideas for your something borrowed

— A much-loved bottle of perfume can make the perfect “something borrowed.” View this Real Wedding here.  


A cake topper

We love a good sweet treat! Borrowing a cake topper for your wedding adds a personal touch to your celebration. Use your parents’ vintage topper or a quirky one from a friend’s wedding to bring sentimental value to your cake.

Incorporating a borrowed topper honours the love stories of those close to you and adds a unique detail to your wedding. It’s a meaningful way to connect your celebration with the memories of loved ones.

Ideas for something borrowed

— Cake by Teirs and Co 


Champagne flutes for your couple toast

Bottoms up! Borrowing champagne flutes from a special someone or using the ones from your parents’ wedding can add a delightful and meaningful twist to your couple’s toast. It’s like toasting to all the good times ahead with a little extra sparkle from the past.

Using these borrowed flutes not only honours the love stories that came before but also adds a unique and personal touch to your celebration. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter! Everyone will love hearing the story behind those special glasses, making your toast a truly memorable moment.

Ideas for something borrowed
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