Meet Shane Ave, the ultimate inclusive formalwear brand

Suits, pants, vest, and shirts are a staple in many people’s wardrobes across the world, and yet there are very little options for lesbians, trans men and non-binary persons to find these items in a perfect, tailored fit. That’s where Shane Ave comes in.

Noticing a gap in the market and a lack of an inclusive space for many members of the LGBTIA+ community, founder Deb decided to start a business that was an inclusive, safe space. and so a brand was born that allows everybody to feel confident, understood, and have a perfectly made, custom suit that’s right for their body and style. Of course, this business is the perfect addition to the wedding industry, as many people choosing to marry want to do so in a perfectly fitted suit that truly reflects who they are, that they can feel confident and proud to wear on their special day.

“Shane Ave was born out of a need to provide formal fashion that blurs traditional lines of gender divisions.”

Deb travels Australia wide to create made to measure suits for clients that are a masterpiece. Shane Ave likens this masterpiece to a reflection of the person wearing the suit, and their identity. Each suit is completely unique, from the sizing, fit and cut down to the shape of the buttons. There is also a studio in Sydney that you can visit if you are local to the area. Take a look at the Shane Ave tour dates here to see when Shane Ave is in your area. They also offer Skype or Facetime consultations for those who live remotely.

“Our philosophy is about allowing you have the freedom to choose without gender binary.”

Click here to get in touch with Shane Ave and begin creating your perfect made to measure suit today. 

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