How to hire the perfect Rolls Royce wedding car

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Updated on: May 23, 2024

Stumped on the right wedding car to hire for your grand arrival? Look no further than the Rolls Royce, the hallmark of ‘old money’ grandeur, timeless allure and British ingenuity. It’s no wonder so many couples are looking for the perfect Rolls Royce wedding car.

Rolls Royce: The epitome of excellence

When it comes to class, nothing quite says it like Rolls Royce, having been a staple at weddings the world over since the brand’s inception in 1906, when founders, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls began their automotive business venture in Manchester, England.

Synonymous with elegance and prestige, Rolls Royce is not only famous for its high-end engineering but the luxurious fine touches featured in both the interior and exterior of each of their cars. Every piece of leather covering each seat is immaculately cut, stitched and inspected to ensure flawlessness, while some models even boast sophisticated ‘climate control’ features, perfect for ensuring your wedding makeup sits comfortably without sweating off on your big day.

If you’re trying to capture an ‘old-world’ but high end look and feel at your wedding, then arriving in a Rolls Royce will help you do just that.


Finding the right Rolls Royce

While there are a number of models available to suit your unique wedding aesthetic, there are a few things to keep in mind when opting for a Rolls Royce for your big day. One thing is in evaluating the different types of cars available. The most popular Rolls Royce models available on the market include the Phantom, Ghost and Spectre.

The Phantom could be characterised as exhibiting the classic Rolls Royce design and shape that the brand is known for, showcasing the signature long vertical grille and ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ hood ornament. The Spectre, while still true to the shape of the classic Rolls Royce, offers a more contemporary and ‘design driven’ look and feel, perfect for an air of modernity. Sitting in-between the two would be the Ghost, offering more design perks and enhanced functionality than that of its predecessors, all the while still maintaining a streamlined, timeless finish.

Most Rolls Royce hire companies should have these models available for rent as they’re the ones the brand is most famous for.

Booking your Rolls Royce for your wedding

Now that you have an idea of the kind of Rolls Royce you’ll be making your grand entrance in, your next step will be in researching hire companies in your area. Be sure to peruse the portfolio of each business to see if they have your ideal Rolls Royce on hand, more importantly, that the specific model you’re after will be available on the day of your wedding so you can book in the car before anyone else does!

Another great way to find a good rental service is to sift through the reviews of each business to see how other couples have fared with each one, giving you a better idea of what to expect and what makes each particular hire company suitable for your particular needs. We’ve lightened the load with our car directory which allows you to discover and compare multiple car hire services across the country, giving you even more options when it comes to finding the perfect car for your wedding.


Finally, while it’s not a must, try to opt for a company within close proximity to your house or wedding location. Not only will a more conveniently located business be within arm’s reach to inspect the cars on offer, but they should also be able to come up with a variety of alternatives should something go amiss on your big day. While an issue with a hire car may not occur, you’ll have added peace of mind knowing there are options available to you at the ready.


Matching a Rolls Royce to your wedding vision

Once you’ve decided on a particular model and vendor you trust, you’ll then be able to look into ways you can personalise your Rolls Royce in accordance with your rental agreement. While you may not be able to write on the exterior of the car (it’s cute, but ‘Just Married’ signage might not be what you’re after with a Rolls Royce), many hire companies are more than happy for couples to add bespoke details such as coloured ribbons, flowers or flags to the exterior of their rental cars. Your hire company may even have existing decorations which you can utilise as a part of your hire agreement, so be sure to ask in advance to see what options are available to you.


Your rental agreement should also clarify the parameters of what’s offered alongside the use of the car, such as a private chauffeur, the amount of hours the car is available for (which is key to keep in mind, especially if you’re planning of taking photos in multiple locations that require plenty of driving to and fro). Other details to ask about are inclusions (or exclusions) that may affect your travel preparations such as food and drink that can/’t be carried and stored within the Rolls Royce, as well as the availability of weather dependant accessories such as umbrellas should there be a turn in the weather.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event that will live in your memories forever. Be sure to perfect every detail to your vision with Easy Weddings. Whether you’re after a fleet of cars to get your bridal party to your wedding venue or even seeking the perfect car decorations to ‘wow’ your guests, you’ll be able to get plenty of inspiration as well as peruse the portfolios of thousands of vendors in our directory of tried and true wedding professionals, helping you to curate your special day and allowing you to arrive at your event in style.

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