QUIZ: Which iconic Bridgerton wedding dress is for you?

Maddy Laurie
Updated on: June 17, 2024

Are you as obsessed as we are with Bridgerton after the release of season three? Assign yourself the points based on your answer to each question. Then, tally up your points to see which iconic Bridgeton wedding dress best matches your style!

Bridgerton wedding dress

Question 1: Your personal style could be described as…

  • Old Hollywood — 1 point
  • Delicate and whimsical — 2 points
  • Vintage and subtle — 3 points
  • Bold and eye-catching — 4 points
  • Soft and feminine — 5 points

Question 2: What size of wedding would suit you best?

  • My family wants a big to-do, and I’m happy to oblige. — 1 point
  • I want my wedding to be the event of the season. — 2 points
  • Family ONLY. I would elope if I could. — 3 points
  • I’m throwing the biggest celebration this town has ever seen. — 4 points
  • Small, but with all of my VIPs in attendance. — 5 points

Question 3: The accessory that speaks to me most is…

  • A chic statement glove. — 1 point
  • A flirty, fluffy fan. — 2 points
  • A subtle pearl earring. — 3 points
  • A towering statement wig. — 4 points
  • A family heirloom. — 5 points

Question 4: Which colours do you gravitate towards in your wardrobe?

  • Greens: emerald, sea foam, mint, and more. — 1 point
  • Lilac, silver, and cream. — 2 points
  • Tiffany blue and champagne. — 3 points
  • All of them! The bolder, the better. — 4 points
  • Blush and apricot. — 5 points

Question 5: How do you stay updated with fashion trends?

  • I prefer a timeless style. — 1 point
  • I’m fashion-forward in a way that reflects my personal style. — 2 points
  • I dress for subtlety over statement-making. — 3 points
  • I’ve got a unique style that I stick to. — 4 points
  • I love trends. Fashion should be fun! — 5 points

Tally up your points and click the corresponding heading to get your results!

5-8 points: Penelope

Your style is timeless and classic, reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour. You appreciate elegance and sophistication in your wardrobe choices.

Bridgerton wedding dress

Modernise the look

We adore Penelope’s regency-era take on an Old Hollywood look — she was ahead of her time! If you’re looking to emulate this timeless style, opt for luxurious fabrics and impeccable tailoring. Pair with oh-so-romantic, soft makeup and hair to complete the look.

9-12 points: Daphne

You have a delicate and whimsical fashion sense. You gravitate towards soft colours and elegant details that reflect your charming personality.

Bridgerton wedding dress

Modernise the look

With her penchant for a cap sleeve and delicate embellishment, we just know Daphne would swoon for this beautiful d’Italia design. The soft sleeve, empire waist, and subtle sparkle make this gown the perfect choice for a modern Daphne inspired look.

13-16 points: Franchesca

Your style is subtle, with a preference for understated elegance. You value tradition and family in your fashion choices.

Modernise the look

If you’re like Francesca and spurn the spotlight, this subtle sheer sleeve is a perfect way to add modesty and vintage charm to your wedding dress. The soft tulle is another understated choice that will stand the test of time.

17-20 points: Queen Charlotte

Bold and eye-catching, your style is all about making a statement. You love unsual colours and unique pieces that showcase your individuality.

Modernise the look

We love a bold Queen Charlotte moment. You might not be planning on a heavens-skimming wig for your wedding day, but you can still feel like a monarch with this ballgown silhouette.  If you look to Queen Charlotte as your wedding style icon, more is more. Go off, Queen!

21-25 points: Edwina

Soft and feminine, your fashion sense is graceful yet on-trend. You enjoy incorporating the latest trends into your wardrobe while maintaining a sweet and polished look.

Bridgerton wedding dress

Modernise the look

Sweet and charming (just like Edwina), this dress is a modern spin on Edwina’s square neckline. We only wish we could have seen Edwina’s sister Kate’s wedding gown at her wedding to… well, um… the same viscount. No idea what we’re talking about? You must make haste: it’s time you jumped into the Bridgeton universe!

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