Pocket wedding invitations

Pocket style wedding invitations are a very stylish and modern alternative to traditional invitations. Many printers now offer a wide range of pocket invitations, and they are also simple to make yourself if you are having home made stationery. You can either make them from scratch or use a kit. A pocket style invitation can be more decorative than a traditional card and there is the opportunity to introduce your wedding theme or colour scheme more thoroughly

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What is a pocket invitation?

As the name suggests a pocket style wedding invitation is made in the shape of a pocket that various cards or parts of the invitation can be tucked into before it is put in an envelope. The idea of the pocket invitation is that it keeps all the pieces of the invitation such as the actual invite, the reply card, and the directions list together. Guests are less likely to loose directions if they are in a pocket with the invitation card. Pocket invites also avoid the gift list card being the first thing that falls out of the envelope when guests open it.

The increase in popularity of pocket style invitations can be attributed to the increase in out of town guests at weddings, as more couples live, work, or travel far from the towns where they grew up. These guests require additional information about accommodation and travel arrangements, which can easily be inserted into a pocket invitation.

There are three styles of pocket invitation:

Portable pocket wedding invitations

A portable pocket is a single card pocket that cannot be opened or unfolded. It is designed so that individual cards such as the invite card, reply card, gift list card, and directions card can be slid inside. The pockets themselves can be highly decorative, and can have ribbon, crystal or fabric embellishments. If you have a variety of colours in your wedding theme, try having each card in the pocket made from a different coloured card to match that theme.

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Bi-fold pocket wedding invitations

A bi-fold pocket invitation has a single fold and can be unfolded to reveal two internal panels. One panel has the invitation text printed on it, and the other has a pocket attached to it where you can place your reply card and gift list card. The fold can be horizontal or vertical, depending on your preference. Bi-fold pockets usually work out less expensive than their tri-fold counterparts, but are not as simple to make as portable pockets.

Tri-fold pocket wedding invitations

A tri-fold pocket invitation has two folds and can be unfolded to reveal three internal panels. The central panel has the invitation text printed on it. The other two panels could each have a pocket attached if there are lots of inserts to go in with the invitation, or one can have a pocket attached for the reply and gift cards and the other can have printed directions. Tri-fold pockets are perfect for couples that need to include a lot of information with their invites, or who need additional printing space for a bilingual wedding invitation.

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