Classics: 11 ways to use monograms in your wedding

wedding monogram - wedding invitation

A classic red wax seal tops off this wedding invitation nicely. Image:

Monograms, those elegant motifs made by combining two or more letters, are a classic wedding detail that doesn’t just stand out, they also stands the test of time. Monograms in your wedding mark the joining of your lives – and they’re incredibly classy to boot.

Once you have your personal monogram, you can get crafty in using it on your big day! Here are 11 classy ideas for including monograms in your wedding planning.

Wedding veil with monogram

Image: Katelyn James

The veil

A dainty monogram embroidered onto your veil would not only look most elegant, it will make it truly yours. It’s also a nice touch because it’s what your guests will see when you walk past them along the aisle.

The wedding invitations

monogrammed wedding invitations

Image: Sesame Letterpress and Design

Monograms on your wedding invitations are about as classic as you can get, so this idea suits a traditional wedding in particular. Follow the theme through your entire wedding invitation suite for added effect.

Monogram - wedding welcome bag

Image: Katie Stoops Photography

The welcome bag

Elevate your welcome goodies carrier by placing your monogram on it. This one looks like a classy signature brand.

Monogram wedding cake

Image: The Studio B Photography

The wedding cake

Now here comes another classic. Give a copy of your monogram to your wedding cake maker a few weeks before the big day so they can incorporate it seamlessly into your wedding cake design.

Monogram wedding dessert

Image: Ali Harper

The desserts

Seal your sweets with your monogram for an added touch of elegance. These ones are adorned with delectable and very edible chocolate in an eye-popping metallic shade.

Monogram wedding chairs

Image: Pasha Belman

The décor

Be playful with your monogram and turn it into a DIY project. This one’s easy: just have your united initials printed on a cardboard, tie a thin cloth or a ribbon on both sides and attach fresh flowers before hanging it on the aisle chairs.

monogram napkins - wedding reception

Image: Docuvitae

The table napkins

Table napkins don’t always have to be plain white. Personalize yours by stamping them with  – guess what? Yes, your monogram! The only downside is that your guests may find them a little too pretty to use!

Monogram wedding bouquet holder

Image: The Studio B Photography

The bouquets

The smallest details make a wedding even more special and personal. Sew your monogram using a contrasting thread colour on the ribbon holding together your bouquets for some additional charm.

monogram wedding favours

Image: Could I Have That

The bomboniere

Send your guests off with a token of your appreciation adorned with your monogram. Yep, print it up as a tag or as monogrammed stickers and attach it to your wedding favours.

Monogram wedding sign

Image: Vitalic Photo

The signage

Show off your personality by turning something you both love into monogrammed signage. This one fits perfectly at the drinks table.

Monogram on wedding dance floor

Image: Jay Lawrence Goldman

The dance floor

Finally, dance the night away with a dance floor that’s lit up with your united initials!

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