How to hire the perfect Mercedes wedding car

Maddy Laurie
Updated on: May 23, 2024

When it comes to putting your best foot forward, nothing says understated elegance quite like arriving in a Mercedes wedding car.

Mercedes Benz: Where class and comfort collide

When you hear the name ‘Mercedes Benz’ words like class, reliability and luxury are sure to come to mind. Not only has the brand been able to make a name for itself with its thrilling storytelling and global reach, but it’s also been able to win over hearts and minds due to its impeccable track record and consistency in excellence. Mercedes Benz is the hallmark of German engineering, showcasing how superior functionality and luxury aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to a great car.

 With just under a century of standing as one of the world’s best ranking high performance cars, you’re sure to make an impact at your wedding by arriving in a Mercedes Benz.


Matrimony and Mercedes: The perfect combination

One reason why so many couples opt to travel ‘via Benz’ on their wedding day is due to the multiple design options available in the Mercedes line. Depending on the aesthetic you’re trying to capture, you’ll have a plethora of choices to consider and should be able to find a particular design to suit your tastes.

 If you’re having a summer wedding at the beach, why not opt for a convertible model such as a Cabriolet or even a 4-wheel drive to get you through sandy terrain. Alternatively, a more traditional wedding in the CBD may pair perfectly with a Coupé or Roadster, both of which offer a classy (yet sporty) look and feel. Be sure to look at all the models on offer to see which one best suits your style. No matter what you’re after, there’s a model for every couple and every wedding type!

Booking your Benz: Things to remember

With a few different models in mind, your next step will be in finding a Mercedes Benz hire company that can meet your specific needs.

Thankfully, we have a full directory of car hire companies at the ready to help fulfil your requirements. Each one is carefully selected based on their expertise and consistent track record based on positive reviews from couples the world over, ensuring you’re provided with the very best in care and professionalism for your big day.

Some things to ask for or share with a vendor include:

  1. The date range you’d like to hire your Mercedes for, particularly if you’d like to book your hire car for more than one day.
  2. Custom decorations that hire companies may offer for the exterior of the car such as ribbons or floral decals.
  3. Inclusions that come as a part of your hire agreement, such as a fully chauffeured service as well as additional perks such as a bottle of champagne, entertainment etc.
  4. Any important details that make up your rental agreement, such as terms and conditions that will ensure you get your bond back.

While you may be caught up in the excitement of securing your dream Mercedes Benz, be sure to read through your rental agreement and understand the ins and outs of your contract. You’ll not only be able to ensure better compliance with your obligations, but may also uncover additional benefits you can leverage in making your rental experience even more memorable.

Decoration ideas for your Mercedes entrance

When it comes to decorating your Mercedes to suit your wedding look, why not opt for the following accessories.

  1. Ribbons: You can’t go wrong with a classic. Attach a simple ribbon in your colour scheme to the front of your Mercedes for a clean, timeless look.
  2. Flowers: Flowers are a great way to add extra ‘oomph’ to the exterior of your car. Not only will your Mercedes exhibit a bit more grandeur but you’ll be able to couple a carefully attached bouquet with ribbons to elevate the whole look.
  3. Chalk text: You’ll definitely need to check your hire agreement for more details on this, but having a professional sign painter apply cursive typography to the exterior of your car rental with removable ink can add a unique touch of elegance. Opt for a “Just Married” motif or even a sweet message to surprise your friends and family on the day.
  4. Rear window signage: If direct appliques on the exterior of your Mercedes aren’t an option, why not design a decal that can be temporarily installed on the rear-view window of your rental car. You’ll be able to add a custom design to the car with the ability to remove it as soon as the day is done. 
  5. Flags: These aren’t just for politicians travelling through parades. Flags that can be attached to the windows of your car can make for a unique addition to your décor with space for customisation. Keep things chic by getting unique flags printed with your initials, or opt for something more playful such as an image of you as a couple.
  6. Hood ornament: Finally, why not opt for a custom hood ornament that can be temporarily attached to the hire car. You’ll be able to use your full creative flair to come up with an idea that a craftsman can create and install, adding an interesting centrepiece to your hire car.
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