Is it rude to RSVP no to a wedding with no good excuse?

This is a tough one, but if you truly don’t want to go to a wedding, then that’s enough reason to skip it. But, in saying that, if the couple asks, you should have a decent excuse ready unless you’re okay with damaging the relationship you have with them.

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Why show up and cost the couple upwards of $150 per plate if you don’t truly want to be part of their special day? You’re not obligated to attend, but you should appreciate that they invited you. It makes sense to RSVP no if you simply cannot afford to travel to and from the wedding or in the case of some weddings, take the day off work.

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It’s an entirely different scenario, though, if you choose to RSVP yes, then decide on a whim that you no longer wish to attend the wedding. In this case, you should only miss the wedding if an emergency comes up. Things like a family issue, illness or injury are considered emergencies.

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In the case that this is the wedding of a close friend or family member, then you should definitely strongly consider going to the wedding, or coming up with a stellar excuse, as it’s likely that they will be very offended if you decide you don’t want to attend just because you simply don’t feel like it or don’t want to see them happy. Ouch. Pick a nice gift for the couple, thank them for inviting you, send the gift with your RSVP and be done with it, or GO!


The general consensus on this one is to use your common sense. Don’t forget to post your RSVP card back just because you don’t plan on attending, still buy a nice gift and have it sent, and don’t be rude as you may lose a friend or two in the process which isn’t worth it if you simply don’t enjoy weddings.

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