How to have a weather proof wedding

Couples spend untold time planning their wedding to ensure nothing goes wrong. However, the weather is one variable that just can’t be controlled or predicted, no matter how many forecasts you read.

To help ensure rain, clouds or a blazing sky don’t spoil your celebration, here are some ideas to use in creating a wet weather contingency plan.

If it’s hot and sticky

  • Think about your locations. If the wedding is outside, you’ll need to make sure there’s plenty of shade for your guests, whether it’s under trees or covered by a marquee.
  • Station plenty of jugs of cold water around your venues and encourage friends and relatives to indulge so they don’t get dehydrated.
  • Provide cans of deodorant in an amenities baskets in your restrooms so guests who overheat don’t have to smell of sweat.
  • Set guest and wedding-party seating where everyone can enjoy the best breezes. You could erect huge umbrellas for shade or even set up huge portable blowers to circulate cool air.
  • Instead of traditional favours, give everyone a paper fan or parasol to keep themselves cool.
  • Protect your food by making sure, for example, that dishes such as ice-cream are properly refrigerated until the last moment and that there is enough ice to keep all your beverages cool.
  • Keep as many doors and windows as possible open to keep air circulating.

If it’s cold and rainy

  • You’ll need plenty of umbrellas on hand to shelter the wedding party whenever they’re outside. Try to take some spares as well for guests who come unprepared.
  • Have a wet-weather cover to protect your outfit from head to toe. This could include a hood to cover your veil and headpiece, a raincoat for your dress and garbage bags to cover your wedding slippers. Ask your attendants to make similar arrangements.
  • Make sure your venues have somewhere for guests to store raincoats, umbrellas and the like so they don’t trail water everywhere.
  • Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the use of marquees and tents, and make allowances for the fact rain can some still come in the sides and the ground can still get soggy, causing shoes to get muddy.
  • Round up plenty of jumpers, blankets, shawls and wraps for guests to borrow and think about setting up giant brassieres as well.
  • Shut windows and doors wherever possible to keep the warmth from your bodies inside and the cold air out.
  • Make sure the menu has plenty of warming beverages, such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

If it’s outdoors

  • Beware of sunny days and make sure you sit your guests so they’re not looking straight into the glare of the sun.
  • Burn citronella candles to make sure your celebrations aren’t invaded by insects.
  • Make sure you advise your guests of the dress code and location so they can wear appropriate footwear and clothing, rather than three-inch heels which sink into grass and glamorous frocks that drag through the mud.
  • Supply sunscreen, hats and other sun-protection measures as needed.

If you’re unsure of the weather

  • Schedule your wedding at a venue with both indoor and outdoor venues so that, if the day does dawn badly, and you have to move, you won’t have to fork out another rental fee.
  • Alternatively, if you really have your heart set on a particular site, but need a back-up site, clearly outline your contingency plan to all guests – and give them a wedding day contact phone number – so there’s no drama if you have to switch to Plan B.
  • Be safe and forgo a vulnerable transport option such as an open horse and carriage in favour of something suitable for all weather conditions, say a horse-drawn buggy or a limousine.
  • Choose venues that have reverse-cycle air conditioning so you can increase and decrease the temperature as needed.
  • If it’s available, take out wedding insurance so that if you do have to cancel your wedding, you won’t be left thousands of dollars out of pocket.

You can still have fun

  • Take advantage of the climate to get some wonderful wedding photos. If it’s blowing a gale, ask your photographer to take a romantic shot of the two of you looking all windswept and romantic. If, on the other hand, the sun is blazing in the sky, you could set up a picture of the two of you fanning each other with programs designed as fans.
  • Ask your DJ to get in on the act with some weather-themed tunes. Try It’s Raining Men, The Heat Is On, Burn For You or even Sunshine on a Rainy Day.
  • Remember that the weather is one of those time-honoured ice breakers, so don’t fret – it gives guests something to talk about. Besides, rainy days are supposed to be good omens for a happy marriage.

And finally…

While weather can never be 100 predicted, there are weather patterns which come with the seasons. In Queensland, for example, February means humidity, so plan accordingly for what you know.

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