5 drop-dead gorgeous garden wedding themes

Garden themed wedding

You can’t go wrong with a classic white wedding. Image: Circle of Love

There’s nothing quite like a garden wedding. There’s something utterly romantic about pledging your commitment to the love of your life surrounded by towering trees and lush green lawns with the fragrant scent of flowers wafting through the air. It’s easy to see why garden weddings are a popular choice for brides and grooms, but did you know you can theme your garden wedding?

Yep, whether your heart is set on a high tea-themed wedding or, perhaps, even glamorous Great Gatsby nuptials, you can still hold it outdoors. In fact, here are five beautiful garden wedding ideas you should consider:

Holding a garden wedding?

A classic white wedding

According to Rebecca Profilio, manager at Sydney reception venue Gardens on Forest, you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated white garden wedding – even if you’re surrounded by green.

“It’s a timeless wedding theme that can be relied upon to enchant and delight guests time and time again,” says Rebecca. 

In fact, it is this particular theme that Gardens on Forest is well-known for, from the venue’s two expansive white rose gardens and the spectacular chandeliers and gold Tiffany chairs inside.

The stately Victorian home at Gardens on Forest was first built in 1885 and still exudes the same charm and romance it had all those years ago when many soldiers and their brides got married at the venue during World War I.

Some ideas for a classic garden wedding may include tying big white bows to the chairs at the reception, a beautiful bouquet filled with tumbling white orchids, large white pillar candles and strings of white lanterns hanging from the trees.

Bridal boho chic

According to Rebecca who, along with her team have more than 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, the vintage-inspired garden wedding has grown in popularity with brides in recent years.

Rebecca recalls one wedding she worked on with a beautiful boho bride: “We used bales of hay with lace draped over them and there were basket of hankies at the end of each aisle. The bride’s dad also built the bridal arch from thin tree branches and tied them with hessian around the corner.”

Other ideas Rebecca suggests include using old-school suitcases as props or hanging vintage birdcages or mason jars filled with blooms from the trees. You could even place a weatherbeaten ladder under the trees and drape flowers on them or place black and white family photos on the steps. Boho brides may opt to wear an ethereal lacy dress with no shoes and instead of a veil, a crown of fresh flowers.

Your inspiration? The pin-up girls of the boho chic look – Kate Moss, Bianca Jagger and Sienna Miller.

The glamour of The Great Gatsby

From art deco-inspired decorations and flirty flapper dresses to dapper gentlemen and a jazz soundtrack straight from the roaring ’20s, Great Gatsby-style weddings are dazzling and lots of fun – whether you hold them indoors or outdoors.

“They’re a bit more outrageous, something a bit different and not as formal as traditional weddings,” says Rebecca, adding that the theme might suit brides who are looking to make a big splash on the day.

A black, white and gold colour palette is a classic 20s look and you may even want to organise for your guests to play a few elegant rounds of croquet, which was particularly popular during that era, as well as cocktails and mingling in the venue’s gorgeous gardens.

Or, how about even a shower of gold metallic confetti, reminiscent of that famous scene in the Baz Luhrmann movie?

Gardens on forests - weddings

A high tea affair

A sophisticated yet informal afternoon lunch of delicate sandwiches and scones is perfect for brides who are looking for a more low-key outdoor event and those who wish to stay out of the limelight, suggest Rebecca, who has organised dozens of high tea events .

In fact, high teas are one of Gardens on Forest‘s specialities, with more than 200 visitors attending their high teas every month. In addition to organising private events, the team also opens its doors to the public and offers high tea.

“High teas are particularly pretty when they take place outdoors,” says Rebecca. “Think lace tablecloths, pretty printed china and paper parasols and fans.”

A winter wonderland

“If you’re marrying in winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t hold a winter wedding,” say Rebecca. “Why not turn your event into a winter wonderland and string fairy lights from the trees or even get a fire pit going?

“You could have a marquee set up or offer your guests chic blankets to keep them warm during the evening.”

Sounds divine!

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