Download this printable wedding planning checklist!

Need a little more assurance that you have everything under control? Then why not use our free printable wedding planning checklist? This instant download covers all the basics you need for wedding planning. With this, you won’t forget a thing.

Free wedding checklist for couples

Using the most important tasks from our incredibly popular and comprehensive wedding to-do list, we created this free wedding planning checklist with a simple goal: to ensure that nothing was left forgotten before your wedding day.

The wedding planning checklist is divided into sections based on where you are in your wedding planning journey. This creates achievable goals for you that are already prioritised. Simply revisit the checklist when you need to, and check off those tasks as they’re completed. Easy, right?

The beautiful checklist includes all the basics so that no matter what type of wedding you are planning to have, no task is forgotten. You can print this checklist and keep it with you throughout your wedding planning!

Click to download the Easy Weddings Printable To Do List.

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