Do I need to give favours/bomboniere to my guests?

There aren’t too many things you must do on your wedding day. So, no, you most certainly do not need to give favours to your guests. It is, however, nice to do but only if you can afford it.

Sugared almonds are a traditional favourite when it comes to bomboniere/favours

Favours, also known as bomboniere, are small gifts given by the bride and groom to their wedding guests. It is, generally, just a small gesture to say thank you for their time, their gifts and, most importantly, their presence on the couple’s big day. They also act as a memento of the couple’s day.

While bomboniere can be quite extravagant, there’s no reason they have to be. Traditionally, they’ve been sugared almonds or something home-made, but because it’s about thanking your guests, it could be anything, from pictures frames and wine bottles with personalised labels to jars of lollies and even seedlings guests can plant in memory of your big day.

It really is up to you. These days, many couples even opt to give guests a piece of the wedding cake in a nice box or cake bag rather than (though, sometimes, in addition to) a wedding favour.

Just remember, that though you’re not at all obliged to give guests favours, if you do, they do not have to be extravagant or expensive or even store-bought. They can be anything you want to give – and can afford to give.

Check out our gallery of 20 awesome bomboniere alternatives.

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