Most common wedding social media faux pas

With your wedding in the works, there’s no denying there will be times when you are bubbling over with excitement and want to share it with the world – but there are a few good reasons why it’s not a good idea to head straight to social media. These are the most common wedding social media faux pas:

Most common wedding social media faux pas

While guests can make a blunder or two when it comes to social media and weddings, so too can brides and grooms! Here are some things to avoid or keep an eye out for in the social media realm when it comes to weddings.

Most common wedding social media faux pas

Posting about the wedding in a public domain

Yes, you have just found the perfect flower combination for the bouquets and your cake tasting has been a blast – but keep it off the socials! Chances are, there are a number of people in your social media circle who did not make it onto your wedding guest list and it will not only be a little awkies that they are reading about every aspect of your wedding planning in their news feed, but it’s also downright hurtful.

If you want a forum where you can post to your heart’s content, create a closed group and invite your bridal party and/or guests to join to follow your journey. This will keep your posts secreted away from the eyes of people who aren’t coming to the wedding and those who are can be kept in the loop.

You could be faced with an over-excited guest who has posted their wedding invitation online, placing all of the details for your big day out there in the world for all to see. If this happens, politely ask them to take it down!

Most common wedding social media faux pas

Putting vendors down

There can be some bumps along the road when planning a wedding. But when things don’t go to plan, avoid the temptation to vent on Facebook or Twitter. It could be a supplier miscommunication or the behaviour of some guests that have put a bee in your bonnet, but you need to address these concerns in private over the phone or by emailing them directly.

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Sharing your wedding website with everyone

Creating a wedding website is a great way to keep track of everything related to your big day, and is also a great way to communicate with your guests. But the key word here is ‘guests’. It may look amazing and be a great source of pride for you, but do not share your wedding website with anyone who is not a guest.

As with public social media posts, this will only cause upset for those who read about the amazing things that are going to happen on your wedding day while knowing they will never be a part of it.

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Jumping the gun on sharing

One of the big reveals of the wedding day is how the couple have dressed for the occasion. The walk down the aisle is the arena for this big reveal – not an Instagram pic. Yes, the bride looks absolutely stunning, but do not sneak a quick snap onto social media before she takes that walk (or be tempted to do so yourself if you are the bride thinking ‘Damn, I look hot right now…’) as it will take a lot of the shine off that big moment.

There will be plenty of opportunities for the rest of the day for you to post that snap.

For guests, it’s important to respect the wishes of the couple if they ask you to refrain from posting anything on social media until they are able to share the photos taken by their hired professionals. Once those babies are up, you can unleash your image floodgates and share to your heart’s content.

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Ceremony paparazzi

More and more couples are choosing to have unplugged weddings to give their professional photographers and videographers free reign to capture their big day without battling a sea of rogue arms holding iPhones in the air or into the aisles.

But even if a couple has not specifically stipulated they have chosen to go down this route, phones should be kept in handbags or pockets until the conclusion of the ceremony. Be in the moment and celebrate with the couple – this is not the time to try and capture the right light and then spend 15 minutes selecting a filter while the couple is exchanging vows.

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“Re-do! Re-do!”… er, no

No, you don’t get the chance for several re-dos to get the shot you are after for your social media wall. The couple will spend a huge bulk of their reception getting around to all of their guests to catch up and they don’t need to be stuck posing for the same photo for 10 minutes at a time!

Take one or two snaps and pick the best. If it’s a fail, move on and allow them to get on with their evening.

What filter will express their love best?

Posting pic fails

You’ve taken a group shot and one of the people, maybe even *gasp* the bride, has one eye closed and looks heavily intoxicated even though they’ve been sipping sparkling water all night.

Yes, you might look super-hot, but it is not okay to post photos that might embarrass anyone or make one or both members of the couple look silly. This is their big day after all.

If they have a sense of humour, send it to them after the wedding in a private message, but this should not be sent into the cyberworld for everyone to laugh at.

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Being tied to the phone

This is a faux pas for both guests AND the wedding couple! Yes, it is a super-exciting time, but avoid the temptation to spend your day Tweeting about everything rather than being in the moment and enjoying it all while you can.

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When the day is over and you are reminiscing and basking in your newlywed glow, it can be tempting to continue sharing photos from your day of bliss. But be mindful that others might not want to see you in your wedding dress from five different angles and in three different locations – especially not weeks after your actual wedding day!

But… we do. Submit your wedding to real wedding here!

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