Buck’s party themes

Having a themed buck’s night can make the groom’s last night of freedom unique and memorable. If the boys enter into the spirit of it and all get dressed up, everyone will have a great time and the photos will be awesome.

bucks party themes

Being in costume will guarantee plenty of attention from the ladies, and you know you won’t risk losing any members of your group if the theme is an obvious one. If you are having a theme, make sure you look at the groom’s job, hobbies and interests to make it really personal to them.

Of course there are certain downsides to having a themed buck’s party. If your guests need to hire fancy dress the costs will be considerably increased, and you can guarantee half of the costumes will get torn or covered in beer.

You might also get some unwanted attention, either from over zealous hens on their own parties, or from other lads out on the town that find your theme offensive. Finally you will need to check with the bar or club you are planning to visit to see if they are ok with your theme.

Here are five ideas for classic bucks party themes:

Heroes and villains theme

Always a classic party theme, most men are happy to dress up as Superman, Batman and Robin, the Joker, or Spider Man, or you could always go for more modern characters such as Mr Incredible and Radioactive Man. Check what the groom wants to wear so nobody else goes for the same outfit, but otherwise let the guests interpret the theme as they wish.

Convict theme

Another buck’s party classic theme built on the idea of the ‘ball and chain’. The guests can simply wear matching striped shirts, perhaps printed with the buck’s name, and he can wear full on convict gear complete with handcuffs and the ball and chain.

Star Wars / Star Trek theme

Now for those of you who aren’t interested in either, it’s very important to check which of these the groom is into. Trekkies aren’t going to be too impressed if they have to dress up as Luke Skywalker, and vice versa. For Star Wars you could have a wide range of characters, or for dramatic effect have the buck dress up as Darth Vader and find Stormtrooper outfits for all the other guests.

bucks party themes

Pimp theme

Thanks to Ali G this is becoming a more popular buck’s party theme and it gives the guys the chance to release their inner pimp. Loud coloured suits, plenty of bling jewellery to show off those hairy chests, diamond topped canes, and intriguing facial hair can all look fantastic. The key to a pimp theme is to go as over the top as possible to prevent strangers from taking you too seriously.

Gladiator theme

The success of the film has inspired many best men to attempt a gladiator theme, and what could be more macho than swinging a (plastic) sword in full gladiator armour. Perhaps this is best avoided during the winter when gladiator costumes can be a little on the breezy side.

Sit down with other members of the buck’s party to brainstorm ideas, and you’ll find out there are hundreds of possible buck’s party themes to choose from. Try a seventies or eighties theme for a bit of fun, a James Bond or Blues Brothers theme for that element of sophistication, a cowboys and Indians theme to take you back to your childhood, or a police and firemen theme to get the ladies flocking.

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