Couples who took on Mother Nature – and won

Ryan and Johanna Image Justin Johnson Photography

Johanna and Ryan share a kiss amidst the falling snowflakes. Image: Justin Johnson Photography

A little thing like “one of the worst blizzards in living memory” wasn’t going to stop these six American couples from walking down the aisle. Instead of succumbing to the crippling blizzard, Jonas, which saw New York City shut down, these couples embraced Mother Nature and snared themselves some pretty amazing once-in-a-lifetime photos.

Ryan and Johanna Trautman

Philadelphia couple Ryan and Johanna braved the 64km gusty winds and relentless smattering of ice cold snow to pose for their wedding photographs – ones which they are likely to never forget or replicate. Completely freckled with snow, the couple even indulged in a snow-fight with their bridal party amidst the glacial elements, and persevered through their photos which turned out to be nothing short of magical.

Couples who wouldn't let blizzards ruin their wedding day Justin Johnson Photography

The happy couple braved the severe temperatures and created some amazing images with the help of their equally brave photographer. Image: Justin Johnson Photography


Ryan and Johanna make the most of the weather and enjoy a freezing snow fight with their bridal party. Image: Justin Johnson Photography

Juan Rodriguez and Allison Sharkey

Juan and Allison were determined to not let Jonas ruin their special day and were married in Delaware, a mid-Atlantic U.S state. Out of the 170 guests they invited to attend their wedding, 90 of them managed to brave the severe weather. The couple’s photographers Michael and Melissa from M2 Photography wrote on their Facebook page, ‘The winds were unbelievable. You couldn’t feel your face after five minutes of being outside, but as always we remained optimistic.’

Juan Rodriguez and Allison Sharkley Image M2 Photography

Juan and Allison share a special moment amidst the twinkling lights and icy sprinklings of  snow. Image: M2 Photography

Jenna Karstens and Nate McMaster

Seattle couple Jenna and Nate had planned to marry in Washington, and due to the intense icy weather only 30 of their 70 guests were able to attend, with the couple’s photographer only just making it there herself. Jenna and Nate maintained good spirits and went through with their wedding photographs which they had planned to shoot outside. Their photographer Camille Arneberg told Washingtonian magazine, “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and I’m glad they’ll have keepsakes from this crazy weekend.”

Nate McMaster and Jenna Karstens marry in Washington amidst the Jonas blizzard Image Camille Catherine Photography

Frozen in time: a beautiful image captured of the couple who were indeed freezing during their wedding photos. Image: Camille Catherine Photography

Ashley Burlage and Casey Burlage

Long Island couple Ashley and Casey planned their wedding in New York City and had invited 200 guests to attend. Of the 200, 100 of the couple’s guests managed to make it to the Big Apple, despite Jonas being one of the top 3 biggest storms to ever hit the city. When a travel ban was instituted due to the severe weather, bride Ashley was forced to take the subway instead of a limo to the church. Fellow subway passengers were amused by the bride and her bridal party making use of the city’s public transportation, and Ashley told Fox 5 News, “We partied with a lot of strangers, chanting ‘subway wedding’, it was just a lot of fun.”

Ashley Burlage and Casey Burlage travel to their wedding reception via the subway due to the snow storm Image Jose Pang Photography

Bride Ashley makes use of the city’s transport and rides the subway to her church wedding in New York. Image: Jose Pang Photography

Jessica Reed and John Pyle

Tennessee couple Jessica and John had organised their outdoor ceremony to take place on a pedestrian bridge in the state’s capital of Nashville, and refused to change their plans when Jonas threatened the possibility of their wedding taking place. A resourceful John took to social media to prepare for the couple’s nuptials posting on his Facebook page, ‘okay longest shot ever. my fiancé and I have planned to get married today on the pedestrian bridge. just happened to snow. anyone have a fur coat she can borrow? we will come get it. ‪#‏thisweddingishappening‬’. Sure enough Jessica was provided with a fur jacket and the couple’s wedding did happen on the pedestrian bridge, with some amazing photos to prove it.

Jessica Reed and John Pyle Image Andrew Nelles

The newlywed’s accomplished what they set out to do, despite Mother Nature’s best efforts. Image: Andrew Nelles

Carmen and Kevin Shanahan

Carmen and Kevin refused to reschedule their wedding in Pennsylvania after they heard that Jonas was headed towards them on the weekend of their wedding. Instead the Police officer and his bride donned their snow boots and made the most of their special day. As the wild weather swirled around them, their photographer Jeff Sabotta managed to photograph some incredible images that will no doubt serve as some amazing memories for Carmen and Kevin in the years to come.

Carmen and Kevin Shanahan Image Sabotta Imagery

The happy couple share a moment as the snow storm rages around them. Image: Sabotta Imagery

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