BBQ catering

BBQ catering is perfect for a relaxed outdoor wedding, and on a hot sunny day there’s nothing better than the smell of the BBQ. Whether you’re thinking of hiring BBQ wedding caterers, or you have a friend willing to flip those burgers, here are seven tips to help your BBQ catering go without a hitch:

Wedding barbecue

Be realistic about your venue size

Make sure the venue you are using is big enough that guests can escape from the BBQ smoke whatever direction the wind is blowing in. Many outdoor venues will already have a BBQ area set up and will be able to advise you on the best layout for your reception.

Stock up on the meat

The golden rule of BBQ catering is to make sure you have enough meat, and then to get a little bit more. Have a wide range of meat including steaks, burgers, kebabs, sausage sizzlers, and chicken breasts, or go all out and have a hog or lamb roast.

Don’t forget the veggies

You might have heaps of meat but don’t forget to cater for any vegetarians, or non meat eaters on your guest list. Make sure there are plenty of tasty salads and cook vegetable kebabs with halloumi or tuna steak for those that will eat fish. When you are catering for vegetarians make sure that there is a separate grill on the BBQ and that separate cooking implements are used.

Wedding BBQ

Check out the heat source

If you are hiring a BBQ caterer, find out what type of BBQ they will be using. Gas might cook the meat more evenly, but charcoal gives a more authentic flavour and smell. If you want a smoky taste to your meat you can place wood chips on top of the burning charcoal.

Provide a good range of drinks

Beer might be the obvious accompaniment to BBQ meat but don’t forget that wines also work well. Rich reds such an oaked Merlot, Shiraz or Zinfandel are all great with steak. For an outdoor summer event Pimms and lemonade is a refreshing choice, and the drivers will need soft drinks to wash down their burgers.

Let guests cook their own steaks

To provide an interactive BBQ catering experience, you can provide a selection of marinades and let guests choose and cook their own steaks. As well as being fun, this means that guests can have their steak as well done or as rare as they want. Bear in mind that for this to work you will need to dedicate a very large grill area on the BBQ.

BBQs aren’t just for informal weddings

Just because you’re having BBQ catering for your wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a formal sit down meal. Platters of meat can be placed in the middle of the tables for guests to help themselves, or the cooked food can be arranged buffet style. BBQ catering gives the image of guests wandering around with a plate of chicken wings, but the food can easily be presented more formally if you want.

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