Asking guests to purchase gifts from a gift registry

Some couples find it difficult to ask for wedding gifts, as they feel it might look cheeky or greedy, especially when guests have spent money on travel, accommodation, and outfits. However, most of your guests will want to buy you a wedding present to mark the occasion, and you are more likely to get the gifts you want if your guests know where you are registered.

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Some gift list providers will give you discreet cards that you can put in with your invitations, meaning you don’t need to say anything at all, but if you’d rather write something yourself, there are lots of ways you can announce your gift list without seeming materialistic.

Here are a few examples of wording you could use to ask guests to purchase gifts from your registry:

  • Should you wish to buy a gift for Julia and Richard, they have a gift registry at Easy Weddings, list number 654321. Their list is open for 10 weeks from 1st May. You can buy a gift online at
  • Your presence, not presents is all that we require as we celebrate our marriage, but if you would like to gift us something to start our married life together, then our registry number is 654321 at
  • Please don’t feel obliged to buy us a gift, we just want you to come and have a good time with us! However, if you would like to purchase a present we have registered at, list number 654321.
  • We have set up a gift registry at, list number 654321, should you wish to buy us a wedding present. However, you should not feel obliged to get us a gift; all we really want on our wedding day is to have you there to celebrate the occasion with us.Bridal shower gifts
  • All we really want on our wedding day is for you to be there to celebrate our marriage with us, but if you’d also like to give us a wedding present, we have a registry with, and our list number is 654321.
  • While it’s enough of a present that you’re going to be there on our wedding day, if you would like to give us an additional wedding gift and are looking for inspiration we have registered at, our gift list number is 654321.
  • The biggest gift to us is your support and your attendance on our wedding day. However, if you do wish to buy us a wedding present, we have registered at, gift list number 654321.
  • Please don’t feel you need to buy us a wedding present. All we really want is to have a lovely day which we can share with the people we love. However, if you feel you would like to give a gift and are looking for ideas, we have set up a list at, list number 654321.

You might feel awkward asking for gifts, but most guests will be looking for your gift list details when they receive your wedding invitation, and if you don’t tell them what you want they will have to either guess or make the effort to find out for themselves.

Using one of the options above shows that you don’t expect wedding presents, but gives the guests enough information to get you something you really want if they choose to do so.

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