50 handmade vouchers to spoil your other half …


The best presents aren’t always the ones you buy. Sometimes, the gifts you make yourself – with a healthy dose of heart and soul – are the ones that really underscore how much someone means to you. After all, you’re giving them not just a token, but something totally irreplaceable – your own time.

Among these lines, hand-crafted love vouchers are a perfect gift for that someone special, especially since they get to choose when and how they redeem them. Think services such as a spa treatment or something only you can deliver, such as a foot massage. Here’s 50 great ideas…


Foot rub

Because who could – or would – say no to stimulating strokes designed to soothe sore feet?

Back massage

The perfect remedy after a particularly rough day.

Neck massage

A highly-recommended technique to work out all those kinks and knotted muscles when things have been a little tense.

Full-body massage

The type of coupon that usually leads to so, so much more…

Spa day

A spa day or treatment of their choice can create as much bliss as a mini-break, remembering that both women and men can enjoy a good facial.

Manicure and/or pedicure

A mani/pedi at the beauty salon is a one-way ticket to bliss, especially if it’s their first time. Choose a venue with massage chairs if you can.

Free pass day

Like the name suggests, this is a prime opportunity to let your significant other spend their day their way, whether their taste runs to shopping or golf. In a bonus, it’s also usually a task-free day!

It’s all about us

You’re surrounded by other people all the time, so this is a sensational idea for when you need to spend a little intimate time together sans kids or other family members.

Guy’s/girl’s night out

Send your guy or girl out for a night on the town in the company of friends without having to worry about practical matters such as finding a babysitter.

Small screen dream

Hand over the remote control to watch whatever movie, TV show or video your better half wants to turn on. No complaining you’d much rather see something else!

Dance the night away

Don your dancing shoes and head to your other half’s favourite place to blame it on the boogie. Dancing is a great way to release endorphins, and that’s whether it’s in the middle of a retro club or even just in the backyard with the radio turned up loud.


From cards and board games to a stint on a popular console game, this is all about letting your partner unleash their competitive instincts. Unless, of course, there’s another game they’d like to play…

Bath time

Prep the perfect bath for your other half, complete with petals, beautiful oils and lotions, candles and soothing music. The perfect finishing touch, of course, would be a sparkling glass of bubbly.


Meal’s on me

What could be nicer than a special meal prepared with love – especially when they don’t have to clean up afterwards.

Hot tub time

Switch off the phones and slip into a hot tub, where the warm water and tantalising bubbles can wash all their cares away.

Car wash

Sometimes practical matters can be the most appreciated – especially if it gets them out of spending an hour with a hose, a bucket of water and a chamois.

All is forgotten

A powerful voucher indeed, as it gives them the power of forgiveness without a guilt trip when they slip up in some small way, such as forgetting to pick up milk or bread.

At your service

Cut them a break and do a household chore you know they despise, such as cleaning the bathroom, yard work or defrosting the freezer. Even though it’s for their benefit, you get to reap the rewards too. Plus, they might be so grateful they’ll do something else for you in return.

Repeat that one more time

The chance to reuse one of the vouchers they have already redeemed. Very handy indeed.

Hide the remote

Relax – it’s just for one night. It gives your partner the right to switch off the remote, and all other technology, so you can just bask in each other’s company for the night.

Cuddle coupon

This one gets even more specific about togetherness – 15 to 30 minutes of cuddling in a location of their choice, be it in a gazebo, lying on the grass or even in the garage.

Where’s that brush?

Getting your hair brushed is such a simple guilty pleasure. It’s something people love to get at the hairdresser, so why not try it at home. Just make sure they don’t drift off to sleep.

Breakfast in bed

Perfect start to those lovely easy mornings where you don’t have to rush off anywhere, you can just lounge around in your pajamas together.

Scratch my itch

A bit of a novelty, but you might be surprised how handy it can be, saving your partner from having to rub their back on a door jamb if they’re bitten by a mozzie.

Tickle my fancy

Alternatively, if a good scratch isn’t an issue, perhaps a tickling session might be more to their liking. After all, you’re never too old to lie on the floor gasping for breath as someone hits you in all our ticklish spots.

Sweet treats

Reflect on the sweetness that is your love with a heaped serving of their favourite dessert, brownies, cake, cookies, ice cream – all homemade of course. Alternatively, if they love a bit of baking themselves, make it a joint activity.

Kiss me

Nice try, but this invitation to kiss is not about the quick peck as you bolt out the door for work. This is at least five minutes of your best puckering up, whenever and however they please.

Strip poker

Feeling a little adventurous? Then throw caution and your clothes to the wind as you deal in to see how the cards fall. Hint: It should be in your partner’s favour.

Role play

It’s like your own private theatre production – and they’re the director with full sway over who they want you to be for the night. Go along with the adventure and you might just find the rewards are equally yours.

Pick my outfit

Again, you’re in their hands, this time as they get to be your costume designer for the day. This could be very handy if you’re headed to a fancy dress party, but it may even just be a chance for them to see you in a favourite outfit.

Where is that picnic basket?

Straight from the pages of a romantic novel comes this idealistic inspiration – to pack a picnic basket and enjoy a relaxing lunch with just the two of you somewhere intimate and easy on the eye.

Romantic candlelight dinner

Simple pleasures don’t come much better than this. A favourite meal, their favourite person, maybe some jazz on the stereo and a candle on the table. Sounds pretty romantic right?

Romantic dinner out

Alternatively, you can still create the mood, but do it at a favourite restaurant where someone else is responsible for the food and cleaning up, and all you have to worry about is bringing that special gleam into their eyes.

Light my fire

As The Doors themselves once said: Come on baby, light my fire. You know what to do from there

Romantic movie night

This might be one for the boys, as you agree to sit through any sort of sappy and romantic film she loves, all the while making the acquaintance of storytelling’s greatest love interests, from Mr Darcy to Dirty Dancing’s Johnny.

Private escape

Farewell the kids, the pets, the door knocks and every single other kind of distraction by spending a weekend – or even a night – at a great hotel. When you return, you’ll feel like you’ve been away much longer.

Brunch time

Encourage them to sleep in one weekend and then whisk them away to their favourite brunch venue. Some Eggs Benedict, a juice and papers make for a terrific Saturday or Sunday.

Moonlit walk

You’ve heard the classic songs about the moon and amore, so put it to use with an invitation to go for a stroll next time it’s high in the sky. Even if you just wander around your neighbourhood, moonlight makes everything look that bit more special.

Let’s relax:

The next best thing to a mini break, this lets your partner pick the location to relax for half an hour with you for company. It could be in bed, on the back deck, snuggling on the couch or even snoozing in a hammock.

Slow dancing

Ever looked at Dancing with the Stars and thought: “I could do that”? Well now’s your chance. Turn of all distractions, crank up a slow ballad and just enjoy the feel of moving in each other’s arms for 15 minutes or so.

Bubbles everywhere

Think bubbles everywhere – both in the bath and in your glass. Tres romantic!

What a view

The city lights can be truly spectacular at night, showing your suburb and city from a whole new perspective. Let them pick the vantage point or leave it to you. The silence, as well, will be magical.

Go stargazing

Along these lines, in a voucher that could be combined with No. 43, wait for a clear night, pack a blanket and then head to the nearest park to lay flat and watch the stars. Remember to make a wish if you see a shooting star!

Take a picture

Let your other half take photographs of you in whatever style they desire. You may be surprised how they like you best, whether it’s first thing in the morning, vamping it up or fresh out of the shower.

I am your humble servant

Hark back to the days of old and serve as their personal slave, catering to their every whim, be it hand-feeding strawberries or ducking to the shop to get them a pie. Remember, what they say goes!

Starting siren

Not into sports? Well this day, you’re going to be, as you give them permission to force your involvement. It could be as simple as watching a big game on the TV or you could find yourself dragged along to a live event. Who knows, you might even find that you like it…

Kiddie run

If you have children, here’s one to give your better half a day off from whichever childhood activity they find themselves playing taxi/den parent for. This could be doing a drop-off at ballet, or helping out at scouts. As the motto says, be prepared.

Radio days

Do you normally do battle with the knobs on your car radio, both wanting different stations? Well this activity is all about letting them have free reign, even if it does mean getting caught listening to some sort of terrible music you’d never let within 10 feet of your iPod.

Take a hike

But in the best sense of the word, with a readymade invitation for you to accompany your beloved to explore the great outdoors, whether that’s going on a hike, visiting a waterfall or even going camping.

And last but not least

Make this one count, with something truly unforgettable – the granting of one of their deepest wishes. Only you know what these desires are, be it going skydiving or visiting their best mate overseas. So go with the flow as this, more than anything, will illustrate how much you love them.

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