Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with your S.O

Christmas is a busy time full of family, friends and celebrations. It should be a happy time for you and your partner to celebrate with those you love the most.

But when you’re celebrating with everyone else, sometimes it can be hard to remember to carve out time for your relationship. With all the running around it can be nice to get back to your routes and spend a little time out thinking about the one that you love, whether it’s for 5 minutes or 5 days!

We know you’ll likely exchange gifts at Christmastime, so here are a few different ways to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas without spending an additional fortune.

cute things to do with your partner

Day One – Christmas Day

It’s Christmas day! After you’ve ripped open your presents, delved through your Christmas stocking, and gorged on stocking chocolates it’s time to do something sweet for your S.O.

Christmas is all about tradition, and often you’ll be celebrating your family traditions. But it’s also time to make your own!

Whether it’s going to your favourite café (if it’s open!) for Christmas breakfast, playing a morning game of cards or getting a photo in front of the Christmas tree, create a tradition that’s just for the two of you. This can be a way to make a piece of Christmas exclusive to your relationship, and also gives you the beginnings of your own tradition to pass down.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Two – Boxing Day

The post-Christmas day of rest! Treat your S.O to a day of relaxation, whether you head to the hot springs, get a spa treatment, or just give them a massage at home. It’s nice to be able to relax after the hectic period of Christmas so light some candles (we’re sure you received some!), put on some chill music and kick back with a glass of wine and a good book to share the silence together.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Three – December 27th

If you’ve always wanted to show them how much you care then take advantage of the break over Christmas to learn something that they’re interested in. Whether they like playing particular video game, are really into yoga, or are a fan of playing chess, learn to do as they do and then surprise your S.O by showing them what you’ve learned!

Now you’re also ready to start the next year by working on your skills together.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Four – December 28th

It’s time to play a game… a fun game! If your partner ducks out at any point or you have some time to yourself surprise them with a fun game. It could be a pillow fight, nerf gun war or even a scavenger hunt inside the house. Surprise them with a note when they get home and watch them work out the riddles!

cute things to do with your partner

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Day Five – December 29th

We’re hoping that by now the Christmas celebrations are over and the food coma has well and truly gone! Surprise your partner with their favourite meal, whether it’s breakfast in bed or their favourite chocolate cake.

You can even go that step further by making up a personalised menu and making your date night even fancier!

cute things to do with your partner

Day Six – December 30th

We’re getting into the end of the year now, so reminisce about the year that has been and how your S.O has impacted your year. How have they made you smile? How have they made your life better?

Write it all down in a letter and let them know just how much the year has meant to you. Or, if you’re not the letter type, leave them post it notes around the house!

cute things to do with your partner

Day Seven – New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year! Tonight is probably going to be a big one, so give yourselves a little bit of time to relax together in the morning. A brunch or lunch picnic, whether you head to the closest park or just grab a blanket and sit in your own backyard, is the perfect way to celebrate the last day of the year together.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Eight – New Year’s Day

It’s the first day of the new year and we are pumped! Instead of making a New Year’s resolution on your own, chat about what you want to be able to achieve as a couple. You’re stronger working together so see how your goals for the year can motivate one another, and see how you can be the best versions of yourselves for each other.

A common goal not only means that you’re working for something together, but it can also give you more motivation when the going does get tougher.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Nine – January 2nd

This is possibly the worst day in the yearly calendar because it’s often one of the first days that people are back at work. If this is your partner (or even yourself!) treat them to a day off housework. You could even let them pick what you’re going to watch on Netflix! Whether it’s ordering pizza so no one has to cook, or deciding that the dishes can live another day in the sink, a night off can make that first day back at work more bearable.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Ten – January 3rd

One of the best thing’s about summer is daylight savings and the long evenings we get to enjoy. Make the most of these and take your partner for a nice walk to spend more time together. Find the closest walking track near you and go somewhere a little bit different. If you head off later in the evening you’ll also be treated to that gorgeous yellow glow when the light hits just right.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Eleven – January 4th

Grab a blanket, get some popcorn and your laptop and treat yourselves to a mini home movie experience on a Friday night. Not only will it be nice and relaxing for you, but it’s also a sweet way to spend the end of the working week.

If the weather isn’t that great then cosy on up inside and build yourselves an indoor glamping area, or have fun with a pillow fort! Just because you’re not kids doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun sometimes.

cute things to do with your partner

Day Twelve – January 5th

We’re getting into summer now so head on a day trip to make the most of Australia’s gorgeous landscape! Whether you’re heading down to the beach, going for a drive to explore your closest winery region, or just making the most of the windows being down, get a playlist together and spend some time cruising! 

cute things to do with your partner

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